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The Golden Hand Headquarters

The Golden Hand Headquarters is an imposing structure located in the Elmgate district, just inside the western gate of Havenport. The building's exterior is crafted from sturdy stone, adorned with intricate golden motifs that symbolize the organization's prosperity and influence. Tall spires and arched windows give the headquarters an air of grandeur, making it a noticeable landmark in the district.  

Integration with Elmgate District:

The Golden Hand Headquarters plays a significant role in the economic life of the Elmgate district. Its presence contributes to the district's prosperity, attracting merchants and businesses seeking to collaborate with the prestigious trading company. The headquarters has become a symbol of Elmgate's economic importance within Havenport.  

Collaboration with Other Families:

The Golden Hand actively collaborates with other influential families in Havenport, including the Greenfield family for trade-related opportunities, the Baeinid family for diplomatic support, and the Huppledruff family for magical enhancements to protect and enhance their valuable assets.   The Golden Hand Headquarters stands as a testament to the economic prowess and influence of the Golden Hand trading company, solidifying its place as a key player in Havenport's thriving trade and commerce.

Purpose / Function

The Golden Hand is a powerful trading company in Havenport, specializing in the acquisition and sale of rare and valuable goods. The headquarters serves as the central hub for the organization's operations, housing offices, meeting rooms, storage facilities, and a secure vault for safeguarding precious assets.   Trade and Commerce:
The Golden Hand conducts a wide range of trade activities, including the import and export of exotic goods, magical artifacts, and rare materials. The headquarters is bustling with activity as traders, merchants, and diplomats negotiate deals and transactions that contribute to the city's economic prosperity.

Contents & Furnishings

Meeting Chambers and Negotiation Halls:
The headquarters features opulent meeting chambers and negotiation halls where representatives of the Golden Hand engage in discussions with clients, partners, and other influential figures. These spaces are adorned with exquisite decorations and serve as the backdrop for important trade agreements and diplomatic discussions.   Golden Hand Leadership Quarters:
At the highest levels of the headquarters, private quarters are reserved for the leaders and key figures of the Golden Hand. These individuals oversee the organization's overall strategy, make crucial decisions, and maintain connections with other influential families and institutions in Havenport.


Security Measures:
Recognizing the importance of security in handling valuable commodities, the Golden Hand Headquarters is fortified with magical wards, enchanted locks, and a dedicated security force. Skilled guards and magical constructs patrol the premises, ensuring that the organization's assets are well-protected from both mundane and magical threats.
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