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Hammerfist Arms

Hammerfist Arms is a prominent blacksmith shop situated in the bustling Elmgate District of Havenport. Specializing in the forging of weapons, the establishment is known for its skilled craftsmanship, diverse selection of arms, and the resonating sounds of hammer striking metal that echo through the district.  

Rumors and Intrigues:

The Legendary Anvil:
Rumors persist about a legendary anvil hidden within the depths of Hammerfist Arms. Some believe that this anvil possesses magical properties, enhancing the quality of the weapons forged upon it. The exact location and nature of this legendary tool remain a closely guarded secret.   Forged in Dragon's Breath:
Whispers circulate that certain weapons crafted by Hammerfist Arms are rumored to have been forged in the breath of a dragon. While skeptics dismiss this as a fanciful tale, others claim that the blades possess unique and potent properties attributed to the mythical origins of the forge.   Hammerfist Arms stands as a beacon of weapon craftsmanship in the Elmgate District, providing the people of Havenport with reliable and finely crafted arms. Under Thrain Hammerfist's leadership, the blacksmith shop continues to thrive, contributing to the city's martial prowess and the thriving atmosphere of the Elmgate District.

Purpose / Function

Weapon Forging Expertise:
Hammerfist Arms is renowned for its expertise in crafting a wide array of weapons. From finely honed blades to powerful warhammers, the blacksmiths at Hammerfist Arms take pride in their ability to create weapons tailored to the needs and preferences of their clientele.   Custom Weapon Commissions:
The shop offers custom weapon commissions, allowing customers to collaborate with the skilled blacksmiths to create personalized weapons. Whether it's a finely balanced longsword, a unique polearm, or a meticulously crafted bow, Hammerfist Arms caters to the diverse tastes of warriors, adventurers, and collectors.   Metal Diversity:
Hammerfist Arms works with various metals, including traditional steel, alloys, and even rare metals imbued with magical properties. This allows the blacksmiths to produce weapons with different characteristics, such as enhanced durability, sharpness, or the ability to channel magical energy.   Weapon Maintenance Services:
In addition to crafting new weapons, Hammerfist Arms provides weapon maintenance and repair services. This ensures that the weapons forged in the shop remain in top condition, allowing warriors to rely on their arms in the heat of battle.



Thrain Hammerfist:
The master blacksmith and proprietor of Hammerfist Arms is Thrain Hammerfist, a seasoned craftsman with a deep passion for weapon forging. Thrain's commitment to quality and innovation has solidified the shop's reputation as a trusted source for exceptional weaponry in Havenport.


Community Engagement:

Weaponry Exhibitions:
Hammerfist Arms occasionally hosts weaponry exhibitions, showcasing the diversity and craftsmanship of the weapons forged in the shop. These events draw in both weapon enthusiasts and potential customers, contributing to the lively atmosphere of the Elmgate District.   Training Programs:
The blacksmiths at Hammerfist Arms actively engage with the local community by offering basic weapon training programs. These programs provide individuals with the opportunity to learn about different types of weapons, their uses, and proper maintenance.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
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