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The Shining Coin Auction House

The Shining Coin Auction House is an opulent establishment nestled in the heart of Havenport's financial district. It is a prestigious institution in the capital, drawing the city's elite and those seeking the extraordinary. Its reputation for discretion, security, and the allure of acquiring unique and magical items make it a focal point for collectors, scholars, and adventurers alike.

Purpose / Function


Auctions: The Shining Coin specializes in hosting high-profile auctions featuring rare and valuable items. Auctions cover a diverse range, including magical artifacts, fine art, enchanted jewelry, exotic creatures, and even exclusive magical services.   Appraisals: The auction house provides professional appraisal services for individuals looking to understand the value of their possessions before considering them for auction. Experienced appraisers are available to assess magical and mundane items.   Private Sales: For those who prefer a more discreet approach, the Shining Coin facilitates private sales, connecting buyers and sellers without the spectacle of a public auction.   Magical Security: The auction house employs magical wards and constructs to ensure the security of both items on display and the esteemed clientele. Skilled wizards oversee the magical defenses and enchantments.   Exclusive Events: The Shining Coin occasionally hosts exclusive events and previews for its most valued clients, showcasing upcoming auction items and providing an opportunity for private negotiations.


Cassia Silverweaver: The elegant and charismatic owner of the Shining Coin Auction House. Cassia is known for her keen business acumen and discretion when dealing with high-profile clients.   Thorn Ironclad: Head of Security, Thorn is a skilled warrior with a background in magical combat. He ensures the safety and security of the auction house during events and oversees the magical defenses.   Lorelei Whisperwind: Chief Appraiser, Lorelei is an elf with a vast knowledge of magical items and their histories. She is often sought after for her expertise in evaluating the authenticity and value of rare artifacts.


Recognizable by its grand marble façade and the glistening coin emblem at its entrance, the auction house stands as a beacon of wealth and prestige. The interior boasts high ceilings adorned with intricate chandeliers, marble pillars, and polished wooden floors, creating an atmosphere of sophistication.



The Celestial Collection: Rumors circulate about a forthcoming auction featuring a collection of celestial artifacts said to possess unique and awe-inspiring powers. The anticipation has attracted attention from scholars, wizards, and collectors from far and wide.   Whispered Bids: Some claim that the Shining Coin allows for whispered bids—anonymously submitted bids that are known only to Cassia and the bidder, adding an extra layer of secrecy and exclusivity to the auction process.   The Silent Auction Room: There are whispers of a secluded room within the auction house known as the "Silent Auction Room." Only a select few are invited to participate, and it reportedly features some of the rarest and most elusive items.
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