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The Kobold's Courage

The Kobold's Courage is a quaint and cozy tavern located on the outskirts of Havenport, away from the bustling city center. Despite its humble appearance, this tavern has gained a reputation for being a welcoming haven for adventurers and locals alike.   The Kobold's Courage, with its charming atmosphere and diverse clientele, stands as a testament to the idea that even the humblest of establishments can become a beloved hub for community and camaraderie.

Purpose / Function


Hearty Fare: The Kobold's Courage is renowned for its hearty and affordable fare, with a menu that includes classic tavern dishes like roasted meats, savory stews, and freshly baked bread. Kobold-inspired dishes, often featuring spiced and exotic ingredients, are the tavern's specialty.   Beverages: The tavern serves a selection of local ales, meads, and spirits. The Kobold's Courage is known for its signature drink, the "Courageous Kobold," a concoction of locally brewed ale with a hint of fruity flavors.   Adventurer's Corner: A designated corner of the tavern is reserved for adventurers to post job notices, seek companions for quests, or share information about local happenings. This area fosters a sense of community among those seeking adventure in and around Havenport.   Live Entertainment: The Kobold's Courage hosts occasional live entertainment, including bards, storytellers, and local musicians. The small stage near the fireplace provides a cozy space for performers to showcase their talents.


Kipper Copperflame: The friendly and enterprising kobold owner of The Kobold's Courage. Kipper is known for his boundless energy, quick wit, and talent for making everyone feel at home.   Greta Ironbrew: The head chef, Greta, is a dwarven culinary expert known for her skill in preparing comfort food that satisfies even the heartiest appetites. She takes pride in crafting dishes that cater to the diverse tastes of Havenport's residents.   Rollo Thunderfoot: The resident bard, Rollo, entertains patrons with lively tunes and tales of adventure. Rollo's performances often inspire laughter and camaraderie among the tavern's guests.

Contents & Furnishings

Inside, the tavern emanates warmth and camaraderie. The dimly lit space features wooden tables, mismatched chairs, and a large central fireplace that crackles with a comforting fire. The air is filled with the scent of hearty meals and the sound of patrons sharing tales of adventure and merriment.


The exterior is adorned with simple wooden signage depicting a brave kobold raising a tankard.



Kipper's Secret Recipe: There's a rumor that Kipper has a secret recipe for a special dish known only to a select few. Adventurers and food enthusiasts alike try to uncover the mystery behind this culinary delight.   Ghostly Regular: Patrons speak of a friendly ghost who occasionally frequents The Kobold's Courage. The spirit is said to be a former adventurer who met an untimely end but found solace in the welcoming atmosphere of the tavern.   Lucky Kobold Charm: Some believe that Kipper possesses a lucky kobold charm that brings good fortune to those who befriend him. Adventurers often seek Kipper's company before embarking on perilous quests.   Hidden Adventurer's Guild: A rumor suggests that The Kobold's Courage serves as a meeting place for a secretive adventurer's guild. Those in the know claim that the tavern's seemingly random arrangement of chairs holds coded messages for guild members.
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