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Geeba's Goblet Grotto

Geeba's Goblet Grotto is a lively and colorful goblin-owned establishment in the Midtown area of Havenport. By focusing on the positive and enjoyable aspects of goblin culture, Geeba's Goblet Grotto becomes a fun and inclusive space for all patrons to enjoy.

Purpose / Function


Goblin-Inspired Cuisine: The menu features a variety of delicious goblin-inspired dishes, combining traditional goblin ingredients with flavors that appeal to a broader audience.   Goblet Drinks: The signature drinks at Geeba's are served in unique goblets, each featuring a creative goblin-themed design. These drinks are crafted to be visually appealing and delicious.   Goblin Entertainment: Live performances and entertainment showcase goblin arts, music, and storytelling. The stage is often open to both goblin and non-goblin performers, promoting inclusivity.   Goblin Crafts Corner: A designated area where patrons can engage in goblin-inspired crafts, allowing them to take home a piece of the goblin experience.

Sensory & Appearance

The interior of Geeba's Goblet Grotto is vibrant, filled with lively music, and decorated with colorful banners and artwork celebrating goblin culture. The atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive, appealing to goblins and non-goblins alike.


Tiosvryxee: The enthusiastic goblin owner of Geeba's Goblet Grotto. She is passionate about sharing goblin culture in a positive and fun way.   Mizzle Sparkwhistle: The resident bard, Mizzle entertains guests with lively goblin tunes and stories. Mizzle is known for their infectious energy and ability to get everyone in the crowd involved.   Grizzle Glimmergob: The head chef, Grizzle infuses traditional goblin recipes with a modern twist, creating a menu that caters to diverse tastes.


The exterior is adorned with whimsical goblin-themed decorations, and the entrance features a friendly goblin mascot inviting patrons inside.



Mystical Mixology: There's a rumor that Geeba has discovered an ancient goblin potion recipe that enhances the flavor of their signature drinks. Patrons speculate that there might be a secret menu with these mystical concoctions.   Goblin Food Challenge: Brave eaters are buzzing about a potential goblin food challenge at Geeba's. The rumor suggests that those who successfully complete the challenge will earn a coveted spot on the Goblin Wall of Fame.   Goblin Trivia Night: Whispers circulate about an upcoming trivia night with goblin-themed questions and challenges. Participants are rumored to have the chance to win unique goblin trinkets and souvenirs.
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