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Cornerstone Shield Church

Nestled in a quiet corner of the Student District, the Cornerstone Shield Church stands as a solemn and reflective space dedicated to honoring the memories of students and staff of Huppledruff's Arcane University who have passed away. The chapel, with its modest yet elegant design, serves as a haven for those seeking solace and remembrance.  

Community Support:

The chapel serves as a source of support for grieving individuals within the Huppledruff's community. It is not only a place for somber reflection but also a testament to the resilience and interconnectedness of the magical community in Havenport.  
"In memory of those who walked the paths of knowledge, may this sacred space be a beacon of remembrance, a sanctuary of solace, and a testament to the enduring spirit that binds us all. Their light lives on in the echoes of magic and the shared memories of those who remain."
-Quote on Plaque at the Entrance


Care and Maintenance:
The Cornerstone Shield Church is meticulously cared for by a dedicated group of volunteers, including students, faculty, and local clergy. The upkeep involves tending to the memorial wall, refreshing enchantments, and organizing events that foster a sense of community and remembrance.

Contents & Furnishings

Memorial Wall:
A prominent feature of the chapel is the Memorial Wall, a carefully crafted display that bears the names and brief tributes of those who have departed. The wall is a testament to the diverse lives that contributed to the vibrant tapestry of Huppledruff's community. Friends, family, and fellow students often visit to pay their respects, leaving small tokens or notes of remembrance.   Engraved Shields:
As a symbol of protection and unity, the chapel features a series of engraved shields, each bearing the name of a departed individual. These shields, arranged in a circular pattern, create a sacred space within the chapel. Magic-infused enchantments on the shields ensure that the memories of the departed are preserved and honored.   Ceremonial Space:
The Cornerstone Shield Church is equipped with a small ceremonial space where friends and family can gather to conduct memorial services or quiet reflections. The space is flexible, allowing for various cultural and religious practices to be accommodated.


The architectural style of the Cornerstone Shield Church is simple and timeless. A single spire reaches toward the sky, and the exterior is adorned with symbols representing protection, remembrance, and the enduring spirit of the departed. The interior is designed to evoke a sense of tranquility, with muted colors and gentle lighting.


Seasonal Memorials:
Throughout the year, the chapel hosts seasonal memorials and ceremonies to honor the departed. These events often include magical displays of light, symbolic rituals, and the sharing of stories that celebrate the lives of those who once walked the halls of Huppledruff's.
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