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The Pickled Gnome

The Pickled Gnome is strategically located just outside Huppledruff's Arcane University in the Student District, making it a popular hangout for students seeking a break from magical studies.   The Pickled Gnome, owned by the adventurous O'Learys, stands as a hub for magical and academic camaraderie in the Student District. With its magical decor, diverse offerings, and commitment to student-friendly experiences, it has become a beloved tavern for both students and those seeking a taste of Havenport's magical culture.  
Here at The Pickled Gnome, we believe in good food, good company, and a touch of magic to brighten your day. Whether you're here for a study break or a celebration, you're always welcome at our humble abode!
-Fillin O'Leary


Owners - Fillin and Melaine O'Leary:
Adventurous Proprietors: Fillin and Melaine O'Leary, the owners of The Pickled Gnome, are former adventurers with a penchant for tales and camaraderie. Their adventurous past adds a unique flavor to the tavern.

Contents & Furnishings

Cozy Interior:
Warm Atmosphere: The tavern boasts a cozy interior with wooden furnishings and warm lighting. It's designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for students and patrons to unwind.   Magical Decor:
Quirky Touches: The Pickled Gnome features magical decor elements, including enchanted trinkets, floating candles, and illusionary displays. These quirky touches reflect the magical atmosphere of the surrounding district.   Adventurers' Memorabilia:
Wall of Fame: The walls of The Pickled Gnome are adorned with memorabilia from Fillin and Melaine's adventuring days, including weapons, maps, and souvenirs. It creates an ambiance that sparks curiosity and storytelling.   Garden Seating:
Al Fresco Magic: The tavern offers garden seating where patrons can enjoy their meals and drinks outdoors. It's a charming spot surrounded by enchanted plants and subtle magical effects.


Affordable Fare:
Student-Friendly Menu: The tavern offers an affordable menu tailored to the student budget. Patrons can enjoy hearty and flavorful dishes without breaking the bank.   Diverse Beverage Selection:
Gnomish Brews: The Pickled Gnome takes pride in its diverse selection of beverages, including specialty Gnomish brews and potions. It's a place where patrons can explore unique and magical concoctions.   Themed Nights and Events:
Entertainment Extravaganza: The tavern hosts themed nights and events, such as magical trivia, potion tasting, and open-mic nights for aspiring bards. These activities provide entertainment and foster a sense of community.   Student Discounts:
Supporting Scholars: Recognizing the student clientele, The Pickled Gnome offers discounts to Huppledruff's Arcane University students. It has become a go-to spot for post-study gatherings and celebrations.   Live Bard Performances:
Musical Magic: Live bard performances are a regular feature at The Pickled Gnome. The tavern attracts local bards and musicians, creating an atmosphere filled with magical melodies.
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