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Defgar's Shipyard

Defgar's Shipyard stands proudly at the mouth of the Havenport River, a bustling hub of maritime activity in the Docks district. Owned and operated by the formidable Defgar the XIV, a skilled half-orc shipwright, this shipyard has a reputation for crafting some of the most seaworthy vessels in the region.

Purpose / Function

Design and Customization:
Clients visiting the shipyard can work with Defgar and her team to customize their vessels. Whether it's a sleek merchant ship or a sturdy warship, Defgar's Shipyard can bring any maritime vision to reality.   Innovative Designs:
Defgar is known for her innovative ship designs that balance efficiency, durability, and aesthetics. Her ships often feature unique elements that set them apart from the standard vessels crafted by other shipyards.   Trade and Commerce:
The shipyard serves as a hub for maritime trade and commerce in Havenport. Merchants, traders, and adventurers frequent the docks, making the shipyard a lively and dynamic place.


Skilled Workforce:
Defgar has assembled a team of highly skilled shipwrights, carpenters, and craftsmen who work diligently to bring her ship designs to life. The shipyard is a hive of activity as workers hammer, saw, and paint under Defgar's watchful eye.

Contents & Furnishings

Sprawling Docks:
The shipyard boasts an extensive network of docks that extend into the Havenport River. These docks accommodate ships of various sizes, from small fishing boats to grand trading vessels.   Dry Docks:
For the maintenance and repair of ships, Defgar's Shipyard is equipped with dry docks. Ships can be brought in, and the water is drained to allow for hull inspections and repairs.   Defgar's Office:
Overlooking the shipyard is Defgar's private office, a place where she meets with clients, discusses design plans, and manages the administrative aspects of her shipbuilding business.


Security Measures:
Given the valuable nature of the ships being constructed, Defgar's Shipyard is equipped with security measures. Guards patrol the premises to ensure the safety of both the vessels under construction and the workers.


Defgar the XIV comes from a long line of skilled shipwrights, and her shipyard has become a point of pride for the Docks district and all of Havenport. The vessels crafted here are renowned for their quality, making Defgar's Shipyard a sought-after destination for those in need of reliable and well-crafted ships.


While the shipyard primarily caters to clients commissioning ships, it is not uncommon for curious visitors to tour the docks and witness the shipbuilding process. Defgar, known for her hospitality, occasionally welcomes guests who share a genuine interest in maritime craftsmanship.
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