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Ironwind Shipyard

The Ironwind Shipyard, situated at the bustling heart of Havenport's Docks District, is a well-established and reputable facility specializing in the construction and maintenance of seafaring vessels. Owned and operated by Garrick Ironwind, a prominent member of the Ironwind family, the shipyard has played a pivotal role in both the city's maritime industry and the family's enduring legacy.  

Community Impact:

The Ironwind Shipyard has played a crucial role in fostering economic growth in the Docks District. Employment opportunities provided by the shipyard have not only supported skilled labor but also contributed to the overall prosperity of the district. Additionally, the Ironwind family's commitment to quality has made their ships sought after throughout the region, further solidifying Havenport's status as a maritime hub.


Owner - Garrick Ironwind:
Garrick Ironwind, a seasoned shipwright and member of the Ironwind family, leads the shipyard with a combination of expertise and business acumen. Known for his dedication to quality craftsmanship and a keen understanding of maritime engineering, Garrick has overseen the construction of numerous notable vessels, earning the Ironwind Shipyard a distinguished reputation.

Contents & Furnishings

Dry Docks:
The shipyard boasts spacious dry docks equipped with advanced mechanisms for the construction and repair of ships. These dry docks can accommodate vessels of various sizes, from modest fishing boats to large merchant vessels.   Forge and Foundry:
A dedicated forge and foundry are integral to the shipyard's operations, allowing for the crafting of specialized ship components and the maintenance of maritime equipment.   Storage Warehouses:
Multiple warehouses store raw materials, completed ship parts, and supplies. This ensures the shipyard's efficiency in managing various projects simultaneously.   Quarters and Offices:
The shipyard includes living quarters for workers and offices for administrative tasks. Garrick Ironwind's office overlooks the entire shipyard, reflecting the family's hands-on approach to management.
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Notable Projects:

Ironclad Sea Serpent:
A flagship commissioned by the Havenport Navy, renowned for its durability and formidable presence in naval conflicts.   Trade Wind Clipper:
A fleet of swift and sleek merchant ships designed for speed and cargo capacity, enhancing Havenport's trade routes.   Ironwind Mariner:
A series of reliable and sturdy fishing boats widely used by the local fishing industry, contributing to Havenport's seafood economy.

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