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Tweed House Orphanage

Tweed House Orphanage is a haven for children in need, nestled within the bustling Weaver's Sprawl District of Havenport. Run by the compassionate and dedicated Marianne Templeton, the orphanage provides a nurturing environment for its young residents. From the outside, the building wears a cozy, tweed-patterned facade, earning it the affectionate nickname "Tweed House."  

Rumors and Intrigues:

Marianne's Mysterious Past:
Rumors circulate about Marianne Templeton's mysterious past before she founded Tweed House. Some say she has a background in magic or that she once had a different life in a distant land. Marianne remains tight-lipped about her personal history.   Hidden Magical Ward:
Whispers persist that Tweed House is protected by a hidden magical ward, ensuring the safety and well-being of the children within its walls. Whether this is true or just a fanciful tale, it adds an air of enchantment to the orphanage's reputation.   Tweed House Orphanage stands as a beacon of hope and care in the Weaver's Sprawl District, providing not just shelter but a supportive and loving environment for the children who call it home. Marianne Templeton's commitment to their well-being creates a lasting impact on the lives of the young residents.

Purpose / Function

Educational Focus:
The orphanage places a strong emphasis on education. Marianne ensures that the children receive schooling tailored to their individual needs, encouraging a love for learning and personal growth.   Skill Development:
Recognizing the potential in each child, Tweed House encourages the development of various skills. Whether it's artistic expression, crafting, or practical life skills, the orphanage provides opportunities for children to discover their talents.


Marianne Templeton:
A compassionate and nurturing individual, Marianne Templeton is the heart and soul of Tweed House. With a background in child welfare, Marianne is not just an administrator but a mother figure to the children under her care. Her unwavering dedication has earned her the respect and love of both the staff and the children.


Homely Atmosphere:
Marianne Templeton has cultivated a warm and homely atmosphere within Tweed House. The orphanage is designed to be a place of comfort and security, with cozy living spaces, communal areas for play and study, and a well-tended garden for outdoor activities.  


Tweed House Dormitories:
The living quarters are designed to be comfortable and communal, fostering a sense of family among the children. Each dormitory is decorated with cheerful colors and personalized touches.   Templeton's Study and Office:
Marianne's office serves as both a workspace and a sanctuary where she meets with staff, coordinates activities, and manages the administrative aspects of running the orphanage.   Learning Annex:
The orphanage has a dedicated learning annex equipped with books, educational materials, and computers. It serves as a quiet space for studying and participating in educational programs.


Community Involvement:

Weaver's Sprawl Outreach Programs:
Tweed House actively participates in community outreach programs within the Weaver's Sprawl District. Marianne collaborates with local businesses and artisans to provide skill-building workshops for the children.   Annual Weaver's Festival Parade:
The children of Tweed House take part in the annual Weaver's Festival Parade, showcasing their talents and crafts to the community. It's a joyful event that strengthens the bonds between the orphanage and the district.
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