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The Olive Mortar and Pestle

The Olive Mortar and Pestle is a unique apothecary and pharmacy nestled in the Waterfront District of Havenport. Run by Gekah Barbedblood, a skilled kobold alchemist, the establishment is known for its extensive collection of potions, remedies, and alchemical concoctions. The inviting aroma of herbs and the soft glow of magical ingredients create an atmosphere of healing and discovery.  

Rumors and Intrigues:

The Whispering Vial:
Rumors circulate about a mysterious vial known as the "Whispering Vial" that is said to be hidden within The Olive Mortar and Pestle. Some believe that the vial contains a potent elixir with unique properties, while others speculate that it holds the key to unlocking hidden knowledge.   Gekah's Secret Garden:
Whispers suggest that Gekah maintains a secret garden in the Waterfront District where she cultivates rare and magical herbs. The exact location of this garden is unknown, and some believe that the herbs grown there are used to create Gekah's most potent and sought-after potions.   The Olive Mortar and Pestle, under Gekah Barbedblood's care, stands as a beacon of healing and knowledge in the Waterfront District. With a commitment to community well-being and a passion for alchemy, Gekah has created a space that not only provides remedies but also encourages a deeper understanding of the magical properties of herbs and potions.

Purpose / Function

Alchemy Expertise:
The Olive Mortar and Pestle specializes in alchemical creations, from healing potions to magical elixirs. Gekah Barbedblood, the kobold alchemist, is renowned for her expertise in combining herbs, rare ingredients, and arcane knowledge to produce remedies that cater to a variety of ailments.   Herbal Remedies:
The apothecary offers a diverse range of herbal remedies, salves, and poultices. Gekah's understanding of herbalism allows her to create natural remedies for common ailments, attracting those who prefer holistic approaches to healing.   Potion Brewing Classes:
Gekah occasionally hosts potion brewing classes, inviting locals to learn the art of alchemy. These classes provide participants with hands-on experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the magical properties of herbs and the intricacies of potion-making.   Custom Elixirs:
The Olive Mortar and Pestle accepts requests for custom elixirs, tailored to meet specific needs or preferences. Whether it's a potion to enhance strength, a concoction to aid in sleep, or a unique elixir with magical effects, Gekah works closely with clients to fulfill their requirements.



Gekah Barbedblood:
Gekah, a kobold alchemist with a keen interest in herbalism and potion-making, is the owner and operator of The Olive Mortar and Pestle. Her diminutive stature belies a wealth of knowledge in the alchemical arts, and she has become a respected figure in the Waterfront District.


Community Engagement:

Herb and Potion Exchange:
The Olive Mortar and Pestle actively engages with the local community by organizing herb and potion exchanges. This allows residents to share their knowledge of local flora and exchange remedies, fostering a sense of camaraderie among those interested in herbalism.   Healing Clinics:
Gekah occasionally hosts healing clinics, where she provides advice on wellness, offers minor medical treatments, and distributes basic remedies to those in need. These clinics contribute to the well-being of the community and highlight the importance of accessible healthcare.
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