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The Red Wizard Inn

The Red Wizard Inn is a prominent establishment located in the heart of Havenport, just opposite the Havenport Greens.

Purpose / Function

The Red Wizard Inn serves as a hub for magic enthusiasts, providing a magical haven in the heart of Havenport where both locals and travelers can indulge in the wonders of the arcane.

Sensory & Appearance

The inn exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, with magical torches lining the entrance that cast a gentle, flickering light. The interior is adorned with rich red and gold tapestries, giving the space a cozy and luxurious feel. The aroma of various magical herbs and spices used in the kitchen wafts through the air.


Ismira Emberflame: The proprietor of the Red Wizard Inn, Ismira is a retired adventurer with a flair for magic. She is known for her vast knowledge of magical lore and her ability to create enchanting atmospheres.   Caldrin Frostbeard: The head chef, Caldrin, is a dwarf with a talent for infusing traditional dwarven cuisine with magical twists. His signature dishes are often sought after by locals and travelers alike.   Aeliana Starwhisper: A skilled illusionist who occasionally performs at the Red Wizard Inn. Aeliana's shows are a blend of mesmerizing illusions and captivating storytelling.

Contents & Furnishings

Rooms: The Red Wizard Inn offers comfortable and well-appointed rooms for travelers seeking a good night's rest. Each room is enchanted with minor magical wards to ensure a peaceful sleep.   Tavern and Dining Area: The main floor houses a spacious tavern and dining area where patrons can enjoy a variety of magical and non-magical beverages. The menu features both traditional and exotic dishes, often enhanced with enchantments for a delightful dining experience.   Arcane Entertainment: The inn regularly hosts arcane entertainment, including performances by traveling bards, illusionists, and occasionally even wizards showcasing their magical prowess.   Magical Libations: The Red Wizard Inn is renowned for its selection of magical libations. The resident mixologist, a skilled mage, crafts unique and flavorful potions, cocktails, and brews that cater to a diverse range of tastes.   Meeting and Event Spaces: The inn provides private rooms and spaces for meetings, gatherings, and small events. These spaces are often used by local magical societies, adventuring parties, or academic groups for discussions and planning.


The inn's exterior is adorned with a vibrant red sign featuring a stylized wizard's hat, hinting at the magical atmosphere within. The building itself is a three-story structure with a combination of red-bricked walls and wooden accents.



Magical Portal: There are whispers of a hidden magical portal within the inn that Ismira uses for discreet communication with other magical establishments in different cities.   Ghostly Patron: Some claim to have seen a ghostly figure, an old wizard, wandering the halls of the inn late at night. The story goes that he was a former owner who left a lingering presence.   Secret Menu: Regular patrons speak of a secret menu known only to those in the magical know. It supposedly offers rare and potent magical beverages for those seeking a more enchanting experience.
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