Star wars: shards Shards of Honor ends

Shards of Honor ends

Era beginning/end


Darth Sidious is dead. (A body was tracked at all times, providing continuity and therefore proof.   Alexander Kane is dead*. (No body was recovered.)   The Galaxy is saved!

(same information as Shadows of an Empire: Act 6 )


In the aftermath, we got Danar patched up, and Katianna publicly thanked him for his gallant offer but declined: she wishes to devote herself to other pursuits for the next few years, to helping her Imperium heal from its long troubles. She will go to Soterios, capital of House Vormelantha, as High Lady of House Vormelantha.


This frees Danar to chart his own future without destroying his Vorish dignity.
He is still a covert agent of ImpSec, but he has a lot more leeway now on how he conducts his career.


The treason charges against Danar's father Count Gavril Vorpadaran and High Lord Vormecetti and the other important members of the Council of Counts are found to have been fraudulent charges created by Darth Sidious and his co-conspirators.


Vance Kerplocken is still the dashing rogue of the spaceways.


Dr. Simon Tam consults with Ton Wi and together they finalize a cure for the advanced aging problem in the Clone Troopers.


Evidence presented jointly by the Abbess Sanctorum of the Adepta Sororitas and the Reverend Mother of the Bene Gesserit establish that Sister Captain Jenna Martovich is, in fact, the rightful heir to Palpatine's throne in the Galactic Empire.


Empress Jenna I, promoted to Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum within the Adepta Sororitas, swiftly made three changes to the Galactic Empire as part of her assumption of the crown.

  1. All manner of religious prohibition is forever struck from the Law. The subjects of the Galactic Empire shall have the inherent right to choose their religion henceforth. All religious doctrines shall bear in mind that a subject of the Galactic Empire must adhere to the Law.
  2. The Order of the Bloody Rose shall purge all of Sidious' vile experiments. They shall offer healing to those subjects of the Empire whom Sidious harmed. They shall receive guidance in this task from the notes and observations of the Crimson Knights.
  3. Starting immediately, Yeager Lexics shall be Our Consort, and serve as an extension of Our Presence when We are unavailable to attend to matters in Person.
Rumors that the third proclamation finished with "Come along, Consort, we're spending this entire trip in our cabin!" can not be supported with even a fragment of a Highlight Reel.


Count Tsu Vorboccioni enjoys running rings around opposing coalitions in the Tapani Alliance Senate when he's not doing the exact same thing at the Council of Counts. Sometimes, just for entertainment value (as far as we can tell), he proposes a bill in the Council of Counts and then campaigns against it once it reaches the Senate. If he is not visible at either location, and he is not listed as a visitor on the security checklist at the Imperium Palace, then Khun Lakhia must be flying the highly questionable skies in the Private Dancer.
He shows no signs of settling down.
Many expect that he will eventually become High Lord of House VorCadriaan ... when he is done spending his vacations as a professional smuggler.


Vanya's casual "Tuesday Tea" interfaith hangouts morphed into the Council of Guardians when she was not looking. Dragomir Vorharkonnen, who founded the Qo'shasot school of practical philosophy as something much more functional than the custom-regimented Sith teachings, was one of the first representatives to sign on.
Picture Yoda and the tall, lean redhead once referred to as "Darth Slick", seated near one another at the same large table in a coffee shop.
Jedi Knight Vanya Ysadora brought cupcakes. With jelly filling.
She was not permitted to attend the second meeting.


Sir Davish Tam and Vanya went to the Tavya System. On the space station Tavya Nine, they rented a studio apartment on one level and a business office on another, a moderate walk away. They jointly run Mystic Mob Investigations, spending about seventy percent of their working hours on small-time detective work and twenty percent of their working time on spiritual services to the community. (They're careful to keep a certain amount of the working week free for general shenanigans.) They still don't know if their relationship is going to work for the long term; they are happy now, and that's all they need to know.


Someone recently acquired the rights to make a new twelve-episode series of Jedi Quest.

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