A Quadrant At War

This article covers the period of 2530 to . It covers a period of intense war across the entire quadrant and one of the bloodiest periods in the history of the Quadrant.  

2530 -2535 The Struggle of Giants

  2530 -The Republic elections take place, with the Social Democratic Party coming up top in the polls. After a month of talks, a vote was held and the General Assembly elected Noah Averssen as the new President of the Republic.   see 2530 Republic Elections   The hotly contested election on Nova Terra saw Ragnar Roeburn of Ravenheart win the governorship and Ravenheart and their allies win a majority of the seats in the colonial legislature, which was seen by many political pundits as a vindication of Burning Path.   There are major battles on the Rorn frontier as the Karkouri launch a massive offensive against the Rorn and their allies. However, thanks in part to excellent intelligence and superior technology, the Rorn and their allies win two spectacular victories over the Karkouri, destroying 24 ships   The Tazzyn Empire poured funds into rebuilding the shattered Vatu Navy and infrastructure. The Tazzyn also deployed around a million of its Imperial Guard troops into the Hassal League. There were also skirmishes between Tazzyn and Dhau warships throughout Tranoan space   The Gannid Civil War reaches a new stage as there are a series of major fleet actions. The Government forces win the first battle but then the Rebels win all the remaining clashes that year, seizing the momentum of the war.   The Terran Federation inducted Fort Verekker , Fort Darwin and Lightning Point   2531- Marines from the Terran Republic, supported by PMCs from Strategic Dynamics and the Legion of Terra successfully seize New Silesia after a lightning campaign. A daring shuttle raid into the heart of New Bannockurn by the PMCs was key to the victory, won at the cost of 19,500 dead or seriously wounded. The Karkouri garrison is devastated, losing nearly 110,000 troops with another 100,000 taken prisoner   The Republic puts an interrim government in place on New Silesia.   The Gannid Rebels win two more major battles, forcing the Government fleet back to the home-systems.   Martian Marines liberate Fort Kurzon after a short and bloody two month campaign. 72,300 Martians were killed or wounded and the Karkouri garrison was all but wiped out   Martian Marines also land on New Corinth with a huge force of over one million marines. A ten month long campaign saw fierce fighting between the Martians and the Salborian garrison but in the end, the Karkouri officers agreed to surrender. 70,110 Martian marines were killed or wounded and over 115,000 Salborians were killed with another 10,000 taken prisoner.   The Bl'Hud Primacy completes a massive fleet building program, adding another 25 fighting ships to its OOB.   A mercenary force of Terran PMCs and privateers make successful raids against several Karkouri outposts   2532 - The Vatu win several major victories over the Karkouri Regime. A Vatu/Tazzyn allied fleet destroy a huge number of Karkouri ships, including the loss of three battleships. The Karkouri Regime Council agree to peace talks and a ceasefire is signed.   The Gannid Civil War ends as the Government Fleet is defeated and all but wiped out during the Battle of Havindar Dahl. The Chancellor and his government surrender and an provisional government is put in place.   Martian Marines put inter-rim governments in place on New Corinth and Fort Kurzon with elections promised in the next five years.   There is fierce and bloody fighting on Whitworth as an allied force from the FWP, supported by Valtinist Rangers and the local resistance fight multiple battles against the Salborian garrison troops. Over 600,000 Terrans are reported dead or seriously wounded.   There are major offensives launched by the Terran Allied forces on Vanheim . Martian Marines make up the bulk of the force but they are also joined by Republic Marines, Legion of Earth and local resistance elements, as well as troops from a dozen Terran worlds. The fighting is bitter and bloody and an attempt to seize Knifehand Port ends in a bloody repulse. Terran losses over the year are reported at 335,000 dead and another 175,000 wounded.   Tazzyn ships engage again with the Dhau throughout Tranoan space and begin a campaign to liberate many captured Tranoan worlds   2533 - The FWP forces liberate Whitworth after another six months of fierce fighting. The brunt of the final offensives fell on the Valtinist Rangers, who suffered a huge rate of loss (over 50%). The Terran forces reported over 350,000 dead or seriously wounded. The Salborian garrison was largely defeated but mopping up operations went on for months after.   Terran Allied Forces conclude the battle of Vanheim, seizing the ruins of the Downport, Aesir City and Knifehand Port, ending the Karkouri Occupation. Around 500,000 Terrans are killed or seriously wounded during the fighting and the downport is left a smoking ruin. The "Government of Vanheim" ruling from Svarthelm begin talks to establish a new permanent government.   There are a wave of armed skirmishes between the Church of the Ascension and Valtinists across Terran space, with a small battle taking place on St Lawrence.   2534 -The Karkouri Regime Council agrees a conditional surrender to the Tazzyn Empire, on behalf of their "co-belligerents". The Karkouri are forced to cede one world to the Vatu Empire, to break off all ties with the Dhau Empire and to agree war reparations.   The Dhau detonate a "devastator" weapon, destroying a small moon used as a forward base for the Tranoans, killing 16,000 Tranoan service personnel and their support staff. The use of a "planet cracker" style weapon shocks the entire galactic community, with near universal documentation. The Dhau warn that if the Tazzyn and their allies continue the war, then the Dhau will use more of these weapons.   The Gannid Commonwealth attempted to make peace with the Terran Republic and FWP/Federation but was unsuccessful, with peace talks breaking down and some members of both polities calling for a war to liberate the former Dragonfish worlds.  

2535-2545- Reconstruction

2535 - The Tazzyn Empire forces the Karkouri Regime to cede the world of Eden to them, temporarily and then it is to be handed over to an interim government. A Tazzyn garrison of 500,000 is deployed to the planet   The Republic signs a historic treaty with the Tazzyn Empire, firmly entering their sphere and giving the Tazzyn permission to set up a base in Republic territory. More than forty billion adjusted dollars in aid had been promised in return for the treaty, which ensures the Republic will stay out of the Dhau sphere   The Republic amends its constitution to allow member worlds to exit and to possess capital ships.   Osetta Marcola is elected Lt-Premier on New Berlin, putting a member of the SDP in alongside Malik Grumman.   The Republic Senate oversight committee begins hearings on whether the Averssen administration and the SDP accepted payments in return for cabinet posts. Senator Xavier Inkerman of Earth is chairman of the committee   Dr Galen Drayfuss is elected Governor of Fort Kurzon. He then entered into talks for Fort Kurzon to join the Federation   2536 - St Lawrence and Gaia formally join the Federation after the Federation Charter is amended in a major convention. Fort Kurzon also joins the Federation after talks   The Inkerman committee hearings reach their conclusion as key members of the cabinet, SDP Chairman Malik Grumman and even President Averssen are called to testify. In the end, the committees findings are damning of the SDP, with strong allegations that Earth based donor Ellory Mavros made a contribution in order to get his son, Shelton Mavros, onto the cabinet.   The General Assembly begins impeachment hearings, which stall Republic business for the rest of the year   President Averssen makes a visit to Whitworth to try to influence the planet to join the Republic   2537 - President Averssen is formally impeached by the Republic's general assembly in a tense vote with much bitter recrimination on both sides. The President denies any wrong-doing and decides not to resign as he does not wish to cripple the government.   The senate then tries the President and acquits him in a 9-3 vote. Malik Grumman steps down as SDP chairman and Elliot Pardot, expected nominee for the SDP in 2540, quits the cabinet   The Gannid Commonwealth agrees a treaty with the Republic and the Federation that will release all the former Dragonfish worlds. A future referendum or election will decide which alliance they join. As a part of the treaty, the Gannid gain a base on Avalon.   2538 - The Federation agrees a treaty with the Tazzyn Empire, very similar to the one that the Republic signed. However sources leak that the Federation will have a Tazzyn Envoy sat in on their government meetings, leading to accusations that the Federation is nothing more than a Tazzyn puppet state.   Vanheim holds a gubernational election and former marine officer Caesron Fife is elected the new Governor with nearly 50% of the vote in a large, diverse field of candidates. He enters talks to bring Vanheim into the Federation but also talks to the Republic, engaging in some tough negotiations.   New Corinth votes to name Princess Nova Valane as their "sovreign", essentially making the planet a constitutional monarchy. Nova and her heirs will hold the title of Princess over New Corinth and Mars but on New Corinth their powers were largely ceremonial. New Corinth was expected to join the Federation in 2540.   Hathor Technology & Sarissa Arms agree a 64 billion adjusted dollar merger, becoming Sarissa Technology, now the sixth largest corporation in Terran space.   Ragnar Roeburn, Governor of Nova Terra, passes the Residency Act on Nova Terra. This contreversial measure means that no visitor or resident of Nova Terra can "exist in more than once place". This law effectively bans all TND's from Nova Terra and also means that AIs on the planet must prove they are not backed up anywhere else. The law is expected to be debated and perhaps overturned by the Republic Senate in 2540.   Dr Owain Bassir is formally elected as the new First Ranger of the Valtinists.   There are a wave of suicide bombings by supporters of the Church of the Ascension against Valtinist communes and bases. The CoA denies any involvement but more than 500 are killed in attacks on St Lawrence, Mars and Earth.   2539 - There is a major coup in Karkouri space with the entire Regime Council wiped out. A new Regime Council takes over following a brief period of suppression and violence in Karkouri space.   Governor Lacey Sondheim of Earth calls for a referendum on Earth's continuing membership of the Republic. The vote is defeated in a rare show of unity between the SDP and Valiant members of the Diet. The SDP chairman on Earth calls for Lacey to be kicked out of the SDP and Governor Sondeheim confirms she will not seek another term as Governor.   Vanheim agrees to become a member of the Republic after protracted negotiations. The full terms of the agreement aren't made public but rumors are that the Republic has agreed to pay more than twenty five billion adjusted dollars in aid payments to help reconstruction on Vanheim.   With the SDP collapsing in the polls, former Foreign Secretary Elliot Pardot, the presumptive SDP nominee for President announces that he will not seek nor accept the SDP's nomination for President. Senator Robinson Goetze also confirms he does not intend to seek the nomination.   The Centrist Party and Vishnu Elpis make a formal party-merger, creating a new party under the Vishnu Elpis banner. The new moderate party stands in both Republican and Federation elections   2540 -The Republic elections see the "Conservative bloc", led by Senator Xavier Inkerman, emerge with the most votes. There are protracted negotations between Vishnu Elpis, who finish with their highest ever number of seats, and both the SDP and Valiant but in the end, Senator Inkerman is elected President   see 2540 Republic Election   The Republic is forced to back down by the Tazzyn Empire and move the construction of its "Titan" class warship from Hressan space into Terran space, near Nova Terra.   The trial of Eleutheria Ashpool ends with a plea bargain agreed, with her sentenced to five years house arrest. This decision is widely decried by her opponents but appears to draw a line under the issue.   The Republic's lawsuits against various corporations are either settled out of court or are dropped after the Inkerman administration cuts funding and shutters most of the cases   The Republic Senate rejects the law passed on New Berlin making the draft illegal on the planet in a 7-5 decision.   Van Diemens World formally joins the The Antares Federation   2541 - A Dhau outpost in Kappa Reticulli is destroyed. The Dhau Empire claims that there had been an "accident" on the planet. Tensions between the Dhau and the Tazzyn continue as both Empires continue to deploy ships to the contested borders but there has been no fighting for nearly five years at this point.   The world of New Corinth agrees to join the Federation after a referendum.   There are a series of covert attacks against targets in the Federation. These occur on Mars, St Lawrence and Gaia. The Republic initially denies responsibility and the Federation issues a strongly worded communiqué criticizing these attacks.   2542 - A Hressan shipyard is sabotaged, apparently by Republic intelligence. The Republic Intelligence forces agree to a full audit as Secretary Corrick appears to have lost control of the intelligence services.   A Gannid scouting party is lost near Agartha to huge gravity storms   The New Berlin colonial legislature reveals that a Zzenddi attack is imminent, throwing the planet into panic. Governor Mallick Grumman is accused of leaking top secret information and the Inkerman administration publicly state that an attack is considered "possible"   Talks regarding a potential supra-national defence treaty between the Republic and the Federation begin. Beckett Solarin and Governor Holt Brahms meet dozens of times along with leading defence experts   2543 - President Inkerman establishes two new national holidays in the Republic. "Republic Day" celebrates the anniversary of the Republic whilst "Flag Day" is a day of national pride and celebration of patriotism.   Governor Mallick Grumman is forced to resign his office and retire from politics. Lt-Governor Osetta Marcola (SDP) is elevated to replace him.   Former Republic Minister of Intelligence Patton Rosewood (Gurava) is found murdered in his apartment in Dhaka City on Earth. The Dhaka PD are unable to find a suspect   2544 - A pirate raid from Tortuga successfully strikes Gaia, destroying a major temple and making off with artifacts from the planet. The Governor of Gaia is furious and calls for a response. Arbiter Kallisto Valane agrees to send a task force to the Badlands   A joint Federation task force involving nearly 90 ships from the Federation, Imperial and Martian Navies, led by the battleship "Empress Regina" and the battleship "Andraste" smashed the pirate navy and destroyed their orbital shipyard, with the loss of 10 frigates on each side.   A marine force of 250,000, later reinforced by another 100,000 marines, then occupied the planet, overcoming all resistance in two months of fierce fighting. Around 10,000 marines were killed. Tortuga is now under Federation occupation and a new interim government has been put in place.   The world of New Silesia agrees to join the Republic after a referendum.   An agreement regarding a new supra-national entity with the working title of USE appears imminent, though it is still to be formalized. This new treaty will pool Republic and Federation military resources as well as giving them joint foreign policy. There are still questions over how the it will work but some see it as the first step towards true reunification.   Valtinist Rangers launch raids against sites controlled by the Church of the Ascension, killing 105 members of the Endless and capturing stocks of weapons and explosives.   The legal case to ban Church of the Ascension has now been heard on nearly all Terran worlds. The 14 worlds, with both Earth and Mars among them, agree to ban the Church of the Ascension, agreeing that it is a pyramid scheme rather than a religion.   However the ban is not agreed on worlds like New Corinth, Vanheim and Eden   2545 -AKI orders a major product recall of all cattle and livestock grown using G51. They also recall all "Silver Harvest" crop enhancements. They state that this is not a "health risk" but a precaution. Consumer confidence collapses and 40 billion adjusted dollars are wiped off the stock market, confirming that the Terran sphere will face a recession.   The Republic Senate and General Assembly agree to pass the Fourth Amendment, which will allow hereditary governors on worlds in the Republic. The amendment passed the senate in a 7-5 vote and was then signed into law by President Inkerman   Secretary of the Interior Morse Cutbill (ISO) calls for a committee to investigate the long term health risk of G51 in the food-chain.   Foreign Secretary Dade McGinnis is elevated to the newly created role of Vice President of the Republic, with no dissenting votes in the General Assembly  

2546-2549 - Reunification

  2546 - Mars holds a historic referendum to leave the Federation and become a part of the Republic. The "Leave" vote wins with a staggering 73% of the vote and Mars leaves the Federation, taking 60% of the Federation Navy with it, as per the Federation Charter. New Corinth also leaves the Federation as a part of the same result.   The Federation, reeling from this huge political blow, struggles to hold together and St Lawrence also applies to join the Republic   Morse Cutbill announces the results of the so-called "Cutbill Committee" which states that whilst the actions of AKI were unethical and unwise, they were not illegal. The Republic government agrees to a bailout of farming corporations and ranchers but stops short at introducing new regulations.   The Republic officially confirms the existence of Zzenddi hybrids and announces new rules around inter-planetary travel. Civil rights lawyers state they will challenge the legality of the law which will be sent to the Senate. There are reports of violence prompted by "suspicions" that people may be Zzenddi hybrids   Several Karkouri worlds go into revolt as the Ekuneri, a subject race, declare their independence. The Karkouri Regime deploys a large task force to put down the rebellion. The Terran, Mor-Du and Rorn Republic's all recognize the new Ekuneri state, with the Rorn openly sending military aid to the Ekuneri.   A new major corporation is founded. AEA, a major tech corporation, is established in Cydonia City on Mars with its young tech entrepreneur Nurih Safer showcasing his vision for the company and calling for more AI colonies to be established.   2547 - Mars finishes integrating into the Republic. The former Imperial Navy becomes a part of the Republic Navy in a historic moment, with around 60% of the crew choosing to swear in as part of the Republic Navy and the rest choosing retirement.   Former President Dahlia Avander-Slade passes away of old age.  Her funeral is a private affair on Mars.    Fort Darwin and Fort Verekker both apply to join the Republic as the Federation quickly unravels.   Fighting in the Karkouri Regime intensifies as more and more ships and troops are dispatched. There is very bloody fighting between the Karkouri and the Ekuneri rebels   The Terran Republic agrees to a new trade relationship with the Tranoan Empire and cements further trades with the Hressan Republic.   2548 - With New Carthage and Gaia applying for Republic membership, the Antares Federation is officially disbanded, ending the "cold war" between the two Terran polities. The Republic formally states that it will guarantee any Terran world that asks for it.   New Carthage and Gaia are subject to terrorist attacks from a group identifying itself as "Jericho", who call the Republic Zzenddi puppets.   Furnace applies to join the Republic. The Republic state that they do not recognize that Furnace ever left so Furnace can simply reassume its place in the Republic   Major Terran financial corporation Howard-Clemson is forced to accept a hostile buyout from VENTRISS UDC who then asset strip the stricken corporation. 40,000 jobs are lost.   2549 - The Karkouri Regime suffers a series of severe military setbacks against the Ekuneri and their Indirian mercenaries. Terrans have also been sent as "volunteers" to support the Ekuneri and the Regime Council looks unable to defeat the Ekuneri, who declare their independence and found the new Ekuneri Commonwealth.   The Terran Republic insists that all Terran slaves held by the Karkouri Regime are released or the Republic will intervene to release them. The Karkouri are forced to back down but this prompts an uprising and another Karkouri civil war. Reports are confused but there is a huge death-toll reported from Regime space.   Furnace is also subject to terrorist attacks from Jericho. They also claim responsibility for the assassination of Martin Bartlett, a member of Gaia's seeker council. New Carthage increases its planetary security.   A joint Terran and Gannid Task force sent to the singularity cluster is destroyed by an unknown force. The last transmissions sent back from the task force were the word "LEAVE" in Gannid and Terran


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