Fort Verekker

Fort VFerekker is a small colony world established by the Terrans during the early 22nd century  


Fort Verekker is located on the southern reach of the Terran worlds, in the Luyten 118 star system, which is a single red giant star. Fort Verekker is the fifth planet from the star and the only inhabitable world. Fort Verekker shows signs of being terraformed before the colonization and may have been influenced by the Taur'Lier


Fort Verekker was first scouted in the year 2077 but it was not considered a viable colony target at the time as it was on the edge of the effective range of the Terran ship network at the time and the star system did not have much resources.   In the early 22nd century it was decided that Fort Verekker would make a decent outpost for the Federal Navy and it was colonized, initially as a purely military outpost. Two domed bases were installed on the planet and these were later expanded as the planet was partially teraformed (in addition to the work speculated to have been done by the Taur'lier)


Fort Verekker is a fairly dismal planet, approximately one third the size of the Earth and with a muggy climate and temperatures ranging from several degrees below to around twenty degrees. There are long periods of rain and storms, which occasionally sees terrifying hurricanes with winds over one hundred and ninety miles per hour.   Fort Verekker is not home to any sophisticated native life-forms.


As of 2520, Fort Verekker is home to 160,000,000 people.  
  • 152,000,000 humans
  • 8,000,000 Indirians
  • 1,100 AI
  • 4,450 other aliens
The planet is generally not considered a wealthy one.


For its first hundred or so years, the planet was purely governed under military law, with the senior officer of the Fort Verekker outpost serving as the governor of the colony. The planet elected its first governor in 2205.   Fort Verekker had a colonial legislature from 2188 but it was given limited powers. Fort Verekker has never had a strong democratic tradition.   During the time of the The Terran Empire , the planet's governorship was assigned to Lieutenant General "Bull" Hammond, who established House Hammond.   In 2531, Fort Verekker agreed to become part of the Federation.  

Major Places

Tiger City

Tiger City grew up around the Tiger-Shark shipyard established during the Terran Federation. Tiger City is cut deep into the rock and has a high wall to protect it from the high winds and hurricanes that beset the planet. This gives Tiger City the appearance of a medeval walled city.   Tiger City is home to around five million people and is the most populous city on the planet. The Tiger-Shark shipyard remains there and is a major employer and Allied West, VENTRISS UDC and Killian-Calburn have facilities in the city too.   Tiger City is known for its crime-rate and the Black Dragon Yakuza have deep ties here.


Garrison is the capital city of Fort Verekker, established around the twin marine bases of Fort Orpheus and Fort Osiris. The garrison city grew around it in a somewhat haphazard fashion and is protected from the winds by the high canyon wall around the Garrison valley   Garrison is home to around two million people as well as the governors mansion and the government quarters. Garrison's people have much more room than many other city dwellers on the planet thanks to the generous city-planning.

Hamrick Township

Hamrick Township is a small city famed for its agricultural output on a planet with very poor environmental conditions. Huge agricultural domes and hydroponics were set up and were key to keeping the planet fed. Hamrick Township is famous for its rancher culture and its slower, more "earthy" way of life.   Hamrick Township is also home to a prominent Valtinist community and the Green-Leaf Commune is a key Valtinist facility.

Porthole City

Porthole City is based on an old Navy base and the hull of an old Federation era cruiser remains in the city center. The people of Porthole City love their Naval tradition and there is a strong sense of traditionalism and military service for the people of Porthole City.   The city is also home to a major mining operation and the people of Porthole are generally blue collar and hard working. There's a high crime rate in the city but the Yakuza are often driven out by the fierce resistance of local gangs and the uncompromising attitude of the PCPD.
by Viktor Hanh

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