Social Democratic Party

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) was a major political party founded in the Terran Republic] in the late 25th century  


The Social Democratic Party was founded in the year 2485 on the planet of New Berlin , then referred to as Technopolis. A liberal-democratic party founded with ideals of restoring democracy and social justice to the Terran sphere of influence, it began to seek seats in the recently restored Colonial Legislature but really came to the fore with the advent of the Terran Republic

Party Platform

The SDP Party platform was initially founded with the goals of:
  • restoring social justice and fairness to the Terran sphere
  • ensuring that the rule of law was followed
  • to ensure that there was a welfare state to protect the poorest citizens
  • the SDP is not anti-war but does feel that war should be avoided
With the merger with the Federalist Party, the SDP also agreed to a new platform that included:
  • that government should be strong so that it can protect people
  • that a strong national defence is required


The SDP was founded with a many layered command structure and leadership, with regional party leadership that has devolved powers but also answers to the "Federal" Party.   The SDP elects a member of its executive as chairman
  • Klaven Gerhardt -2498-2500
  • Maroof Shortland -2500-2509
  • Jayden Glovar -2509-2510
  • Selina Gorman -2510-2516
  • Gawain Knottman 2516-2520
  • Malik Grumman - 2529 -2535
  • Sanjay Voessler - 2535-2549
  • Katie Flockhart -2549-Present

Affiliated Parties

The SDP has long had a regional alliance with the Neu-Deutche (New German) party on New Berlin. The two run on a joint list on most levels on New Berlin, though the Neu-Deutche party does run its own candidates on their own party-line for city-council seats (and the SDP does not run against them).   After the 2510 election, the SDP and the Federalist Party began talks of forming a joint list for 2520 and in the end this was upgraded to a full party merger. The Federalists added their number and organisational might to the SDP, moving the party slightly to the more "hawkish" tone in terms of the party platform   The SDP forged a regional alliance with the Martian Democratic Union. The SDP would agree to support the MDU with logistic and technical expertise as well as sharing strategies and fund-raising data, though by Martian Law the SDP was banned from donating off-world money to the MDU   The SDP formed a Joint list with the left wing Gurava Party ahead of the 2530 election, with the two parties agreeing not to oppose each other unless by prior agreement and to back the others candidate in the Presidential election, depending on which party won the most seats in the General Assembly.   The SDP agreed a "Fusion Ticket" with the Justice and Peace Party ahead of the 2535 Fort Kurzon elections. This was broadened to a joint list for the 2540 election  

Electoral Performance

In the 2500 Presidential election, the SDP was unable to make a serious impact on the race but did have a considerable sway on the Sickles administration.   In 2510 2510, the SDP led in most polls but in the end they were out spent by the Destiny Party and fell to second in the overall poll. Some SDP members felt that the party's nominee, Senator Kayce Moreshower, had under performed. the SDP were invited into the moderate alliance formed by Destiny which included the Centrists and the SDP   Going into the 2520 Republic Election the SDP once again led in the polls, with many predicting that Senator Hannah de Moy would win the presidency. However, despite the party coming out on top of the ballot in 2520, they were stone-walled by the Centrist Party and forced to form a coalition that placed Keavett Creed as President.   In the 2530 Republic Elections the SDP was the front-runner, with the Destiny Party lagging badly in the polls. Record fund-raising totals for both major parties saw the polls narrow out somewhat but the SDP emerged the largest single party, though still without enough votes to win alone. The SDP entered into talks and was able to get Noah Averssen elected President of the Republic, ending the SDP's run of election defeats   .The 2540 Republic Election was a tough one for the SDP, after ten years in power and the scandals that had plagued the Averssen administration, the party's support collapsed leading to the party's front-runner pulling out of the election. Rep Raess Clennon took up the party's nomination and the SDP's support rebounded from a low of 8% to finish at 14% of the General Assembly.  
2510 19% 3
2520 23% 6
2530 22% 4
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