Vishnu Elpis

Vishnu Elpis was a major Terran political party formed in the early 26th century  


Vishnu Elpis was founded on Mars in 2515 as a "moderate Valtinist" political party. It has a broadly socially liberal platform but is fiscally conservative and hawkish.   Party Platform Vishnu Elpis's party platform, established during the 2520 election cycle was:  
  • Socially liberal
  • Fiscally conservative
  • Pro business
  • Pro military
  • Supports the rule of law
The merger with the Centrist Party saw the party platform further clarified with support for "a balanced budget" and becoming more "pro-business"  


Vishnu Elpis was originally organized around a central executive committee, with a chairman elected by the party but having nominal powers.   The merger with the Centrist Party saw the party change structure to have a more formal structure, with a chairman appointed for the Republic and "non-Republic" side of the political divide  

Electoral Performance

General Assembly


  • 2520 -None
  • 2530 -Two Senators
  • 2540 -One Senator
  • 2550 -Nine Senators

Merger with the Centrist Party

In 2540, the Centrist Party announced a formal merger with Vishnu Elpis, forming a new moderate party in the centre-ground of Republic politics.   Since the merger, Vishnu Elpis is now divided into four distinct factions:
  • Liberal religious - formed from socially liberal Valtinist members of the party, this wing of the party has a fair amount of "cross-over" with the SDP on social issues
  • Moderate religous - formed from the more socially moderate or pro-Hansa Valtinist members of the party that tend to be much more aligned with the center ground of the political spectrum
  • Liberal Secular - the smallest overall faction, formed from former Centrists who are socially liberal. There is a fair amount of overlap with SDP
  • Moderate Secular- formed from former Centrists who are secular and pro-Hansa or more socially conservative. there is a fair amount of overlap with Valiant
Founding Date
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