Valiant Party

The Valiant Party were a major Terran political party formed in the early 26th century  


The Valiant Party was originally founded as the Valiant Terrans Party. An Earth based "regional" conservative political party, it was founded by General Levan O'Brien, a retired Marine corps general and a "warlord" leader on Earth who was noted for his opposition to the long-time rule of House Solarin   The Valiant Terran Party contested elections in the Diet on Earth and grew in strength, in large part due to its opposition to Earth joining the The Terran Republic . After the decision by House Solarin for Earth to join the Republic, Valiant gained many supporters

Party Platform

Valiant Terran Party was founded as a regional, conservative party but over time its position has matured into its modern platform established in 2530
  • Pro-Military - Valiant believes that the Republic and the Terran people need the protection of a strong military
  • Pro-Business - Valiant support the work of Terran corporations and believe that a robust economy helps all Terrans
  • Pro-AI - Valiant believes that all citizens of the Republic are equally deserving of protection, whether biological or not
  • Low Taxes - Valiant believes that Terran citizens know better how to spend their money than bureaucrats
  • Anti-Bureaucracy - Valiant opposes a needless, expensive and slow moving bureaucratic central state
The merger with Destiny helped to reshape Valiant's platform


Valiant is led by a central executive committee that appoints a chairman to lead the party and make overall strategic decisions. The chairman of the party has broad organizational powers including fund-raising, campaign planning and recruitment   During electoral cycles, the party leadership is placed with the party's presidential nominee   Influence of House Ashpool Since the merger with Destiny, Valiant have seen an increased influence from House Ashpool, with Eleutheria Ashpool elected to the Senate on a Valiant ticket and Leander Ashpool serving as Chief of Staff to President Inkerman

Electoral Performance

Valiant has worked in electoral pacts with the Isolationist Party and Ravenheart in the past.   Valiant won the Presidency in the 2540 election, forming a coalition with the Isolationist Party, Ravenheart and Vishnu Elpis. President Xavier Inkerman was re-elected in 2550, forming a coalition with the SDP, Vishnu Elpis, the Isolationists and Ravenheart.

General Assembly Elections

Senate Elections

  • 2520 -None
  • 2530 -None
  • 2540 - Four Senators
  • 2550 - Eight Senators

Merger with Destiny Party

In December of 2524, Destiny announced in a joint statement with the Valiant Party, that they would merge under the Valiant party banner. This essentially brought an end to the Destiny Party under its old guise.


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