The Terran Republic

The Terran Republic was a polity established in the 26th century and a "successor state" to the Terran Empire.  




Leander Ashpool MP, announced the formation of a Terran Republic shortly after the surrender of the Empire in 2498. Discussions were ongoing with the leadership of Technopolis, Nova Terra, Fort Pitcairn and Van Allan's World. The leadership on Earth were also involved in talks and were initially supportive but this never turned into anything more than supportive noises, with no firm commitment to sign up to the Republic.   The Republic was officially founded on 30 August 2500 on Technopolis at the Kulden Hall.   An agreement was later made in October 2500 that Technopolis, now referred to as New Berlin, would be the capital.   The capital of the Republic moved to Earth after it joined the Republic in 2516.

Member States

Executive Branch

The executive branch manage the administration of the Republic’s agencies such as the military, civil service, and intelligence agencies. The executive is headed by a President, elected by the General Assembly, who selects their cabinet ministers. The President serves a 10 years term. If the President leaves office before the end of their term then the General Assembly will elect a new President to finish the term

President of the Republic

  1. Everann Sickles -Independent - 2502-2510
  2. Dahlia Avander-Slade -Destiny Party -2510-2520
  3. Keavett Creed -Centrist Party -2520-2530
  4. Noah Averssen -Social Democratic Party -2530-2540
  5. Xavier Inkerman -Valiant Party -2540-

Vice President of the Republic

  1. Dade McGinnis -Valiant - 2545-2550

Secretary of Defence

  1. Leander Ashpool-Destiny -2500-2515
  2. Kenzo Hiromi -Isolationist - 2515-2520
  3. Leander Ashpool - Destiny/Valiant - 2520-2525
  4. Gunther Ross - Independent - 2525-2530
  5. Dr Rita Haynes - Vishnu Elpis - 2530-2540
  6. Gerhardt McCain - Isolationist - 2540-2545
  7. Istfan Morgan - Valiant - 2545-2550

Foreign Secretary

  1. Dahlia Avander-Slade -Destiny -2500-2510
  2. Kayce Moreshower -SDP -2510-2515
  3. Dr Savan Solarin -Independent - 2515-2520
  4. Gawain Knottman -SDP - 2520-2525
  5. Cordell Beaumont -Valiant -2525-2530
  6. Elliot Pardot -SDP - 2530-2535
  7. Ecton Dempsey -SDP -2535-2540
  8. Dade McGinnis -Valiant - 2540-2545
  9. Carolyn Gedsey -SDP - 2545-2550

Attorney General

  1. Garrison McCoy - Independent - 2500-2505
  2. Juraya van Gundy -Independent - 2505-2510
  3. Lisa Whitting -Centrist -2510-2515
  4. Ackland Bruttenhelm - Centrist - 2515-2520
  5. Lucielle Snow - SDP - 2520-2525
  6. Torrance Rafferty -SDP- 2525-2530
  7. Haiss Taggart -Gurava -2530-2535
  8. Gawain Knottman -SDP - 2535-2540
  9. Beckett Solarin -Independent - 2540-2550

Treasury Secretary

  1. Pattersen Doherty -Centrist -2500-2505
  2. Kendall Ward -Independent - 2505-2510
  3. Addison Morley -Centrist -2510-2520
  4. Malik Grumman -SDP -2520-2525
  5. Celine Maxtall -SDP -2525-2530
  6. Carpenter Navarro -Centrist -2530-2540
  7. Porter Sanderson -Vishnu Elpis -2540-2545
  8. Satarr Tovic - Isolationist - 2545-2550

Legislative Branch

The legislature was set up with two bodies: the General Assembly and the Senate. .

Legislative Elections

  1. 2510 Republic Election
  2. 2520 Republic Election
  3. 2530 Republic Election
  4. 2540 Republic Election
  5. 2550 Republic Election

The General Assembly

The General Assembly will be elected directly from each member world with seats proportionate to population The General Assembly will elect the President, pass new legislation, regulate interstellar trade, and approve taxes and budget for the Republic. The General Assembly may also impeach a President for High Crimes.   The General Assembly elects its members on the basis of proportional representation, with each party presenting a "list" of numbered candidates in order of preference.   Partis seeking office for the General Assembly must present signatures from every single world in the Republic, with no less than 50,000 total signatures, to be on the ballot for the General Assembly.   Parties must achieve at least 5% of the vote to receive any seats in the General Assembly. Numbers in the General Assembly are updated every ten years based on the census and, as of 2540, were set at 1200 representatives  

The Senate

The Senate will have two seats per world, with one directly selected by a method decided by the system and the other directly elected by the populace   The Senate will arbitrate disputes between member systems, review and approve treaties with foreign powers, declare war, and rule on interpretations of law. The Senate will also be able to veto laws passed by the General Assembly, but not who they select as President nor budgets or taxes. The Senate will judge any impeachment charges against a President.   Senators are elected on a first past the post system to a ten year term. In order to get onto the ballot, the party and candidate would need to present at least 5,000 signatures for ballot access. Parties that hold senate seats do not need to seek ballot access  

Alumni of the Republic Senate:

Political Parties

The Teran Republic saw a lot of competitive and highly partisan politics since its formation. The fortunes of the parties waxed and waned. Below is a list of parties that have contested elections in the Republic:
  • Social Democratic Party -centre left party
  • Valiant Party -centre-right party
  • Destiny Party -centre-right party -defunct
  • Centrist Party -centrist party -defunct
  • Isolationist Party -right wing party
  • Gurava -left wing party
  • Ravenheart -right wing party
  • Vishnu Elpis -centrist party
  • Libertarian Party - centre to centre-right party
  • Progressive Republicans -left wing party -defunct
  • Federalist Party - centre-left party - defunct
  • People's Emergent Party - left wing party - defunct
  • Justice and Peace Party - left wing party
  • All Vanheim Alliance - regional "big tent" party
  • Laicite - centre left party
  • Libratum - moderate "Big tent" party


The Republic was set up with a limited judiciary to try crimes against the Republic or crimes which happen in Republic controlled territory not under the authority of a member system. The Senate will serve as the final appeal and only act on disputes involving interpretation of Republic law.   The Republic judicial system will have authority over interstellar space, Republic facilities and ships, and crimes which occur across multiple systems. An organization like CIS was to be created to investigate such crimes


see The Republican Navy At its foundation, the Republic was totally reliant on its own member worlds militia forces. The Republic passed a spending bill in 2505 which began to tax member worlds to develop the Republic military, with frigates purchased to set up the Republic Navy, whose Headquarters were to be based on Nova Terra.  

Chief of Staff of the Republic Military:

  1. Vice Admiral Melina de La Hoya -Republic Navy -2500-2519
  2. Lt-Major General Clavin Sullivan -Republic Marine Corps -2519-2526
  3. Lt-General Tomman Briggs -Republic Marine Corps - 2526-2530
  4. Lt-General Hague Sullivan - Republic Marine Corps -2530-2545
  5. Lt-General Aston Groff - Republic Marine Corps -2544-


The Hressan Independent Republic was the first state to recognize the Terran Republic officially in 2504. The Gannid Commonwealth followed suit in 2504.   The Galactic Council conferred Observer Status on the Republic in 2519, which essentially recognized the Republic.  


With Mars joining the Republic and the subsequent collapse of the Antares Federation, the Terran Republic was able to state that it had reunified the Terran polity and was the true successor state to the The Terran Empire
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
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The Free Worlds Republic (Official Name), The Republic, The Rep
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