2540 Republic Election

The 2540 Legislative and Presidential elections were a major elections of the The Terran Republic  


The Terran Republic was founded with the promise of an elected lower chamber, the General Assembly and a partially elected upper chamber, the Senate. In addition, the General Assembly would then elect the new President, with President Averssen confirming that he would not be seeking a second term   The Republic had six member worlds at the start of 2520, each holding elections for its seats in the both chambers.  


There were a large range of political parties standing the election, including several parties which were standing on just one world. The major political parties were:  
  • Gurava (GUR) -a left wing radical party with a strong pacifist and environmentalist message. Gurava preach that the Republic should be a place of learning and peace
  • Social Democratic Party (SDP) -a centre-left party that proposes a “Big tent” left wing platform of state intervention and the construction of a welfare state. The merger with the Federalist Party has made them slightly more in favour of centralization and more hawkish
  • Vishnu Elpis - (VE) - a centrist party formed from the merger of the Valtinist party (VE) and the old Centrist Party. Has a socially liberal but fiscally conservative, hawkish agenda.
  • Valiant Party (VT) -a somewhat conservative, pro military agenda, considered pro-corporate. The merger with Destiny moved the party away from the far-right
  • Ravenheart (RHC) - a conservative Valtinist Party with a strong anti-AI platform. Expected to do well on Nova Terra but perhaps not elsewhere.
  • Isolationist Party (ISP) -A conservative party that propose that the new Republic remain out of foreign policy entanglements. Favors the creation of a strong military.
  • All Vanheim Alliance (AVA) -a coalition agreement between all the regional parties on Vanheim in order to win seats in the General Assembly. Dagr, Tavann, LPV and VOS CORTANN were all expected to contest the two senate seats on Vanheim
  Among the smaller parties seeking seats were the Progressive Republicans (PR), a breakaway splinter movement from the SDP. They generally polled at less than 1% of the vote   The SDP announced in 2540 that they would form a joint ticket with the Gurava Party. Valiant confirmed that they will continue their joint-list with the Isolationist Party in 2540, as well as a "strategic understanding" with Ravenheart.  

Campaign Finance Rules

The Republic banned parties with no "vested interest" in the Republic from raising and donating money for political parties. The Emergency Delegates sent before the election set up a campaign finance board (RCFB) which was given broad oversight powers.   New tougher laws on campaign finance had been passed during the Noah Averssen administration which gave the Attorney General more powers to deal with campaign finance violations.  

General Assembly

Each member world would be assigned seats in the General Assembly based around its population, with proportional representation then deciding how the seats would be allocated. A party required a minimum of 5% of the planet's vote to be considered for a seat, any votes to parties with fewer than 5% would then be discounted.   AS the General Assembly appeared the most powerful chamber and has the power to elect the President, most political pundits expected the General Assembly election to be the most competitive election.    


As of 2530, all Senate seats in the Republic were democratically elected, though new member worlds retained the constitutional option to make one of them appointed      


The President of the Republic is elected by the General Assembly, with a candidate requiring a majority of the votes in the assembly to be confirmed.   In 2539 President Noah Averssen announced that he would not seek a second term   Candidates:
  • Rep Raess Clennon (SDP) - a veteran of the General Assembly and former college lecturer is very well liked by the left of the SDP. He's promised campaign finance reform and has a strong record on integrity.
  • Lt-Governor Gerhardt McCain (ISO) - the firebrand former marine had been a key voice on immigration and military reform on New Berlin during his tenure as Lt-Governor
  • Nasim Kareambeau (VE) - a former marine and broker, known to be a fiscal conservative and an ally of the Hansa.
  • Rep Helen Buchwald (GUR) - a veteran of left-wing politics and a former journalist, Buchwald is well known for her dovish leanings and her calls for political reform
  • Senator Xavier Inkerman (VAL) -the aristocratic conservative Senator had hugely boosted his standing with his chairmanship of the committee investigating the President and the SDP. Senator Inkerman clinched the Valiant Party nomination in 2540 and formally accepted their nomination

The Campaign

The 2540 campaign was largely centered around themes of the economy, tensions with the Federation and the concept of reunification.   The left-wing bloc, flagging in the polls, generally pushed the angle that Valiant and their allies were too extreme to be trusted and towards the end of the campaign moved the narrative to "a vote for the left is a vote for a VE President".   Vishnu Elpis had a late surge thanks to strong campaigning from Karembeau as well as organizational work by Carpenter Navarro, chairman of the Republic brand of the VE Party.   A late leak to the press about some shady business dealings, however, hurt Karembeau's candidacy and dented their surging campaign.   Senator Inkerman proved to be a tireless campaigner, constantly in the press or on the stump. His patriotic, conservative and occasionally populist campaign appeared to be broadly popular, despite rumors of his bullying of his staff and perhaps even an affair in his youth.  



The General Assembly

In April of 2540, the results of the General Assembly election were formally certified. As expected, the "conservative bloc" had emerged the largest but did not have a majority in the General Assembly.  
  • Valiant - 23%
  • Vishnu Elpis -19%
  • SDP -14%
  • Gurava -14%
  • Isolationist -14%
  • Ravenheart -9%
  • AVA - 6%
The Progressive Republicans and Libertarian parties both failed to pass 5% and therefore did not gain any seats.   The new General Assembly included a record 390 new representatives.

The Senate

The Senate elections proved to be a major blow to the SDP as Valiant won four seats, defeating veteran Senator Solokova on Earth and highly regarded Senator Goetze on New Berlin    
  • Valiant - 4
  • SDP -3
  • Independent -2
  • Dagr -1
  • Gurava -1
  • Vishnu Elpis -1
  • Ravenheart - 1
New parties VOS CORTAN and Dagr, both Vanheim regional parties, joined the Senate. The election also saw the first time an Independent AI senator on Celeste faced a challenge, with Eleutheria Ashpool (valiant) defeating Vee-Blue 97%-3% to win a seat.   Senator Noah Haumont was re-elected, having now served in the Senate since its inception. He was, once again, confirmed to the post of chairman of the Senate Oversight committee

Gubernational Races

The Republic also saw key gubernational races though there were no shock results in 2540.  
  • Governor Mallick Grumman (SDP/ND) was elected as Governor on New Berlin.
  • Governor Ragnar Roeburn (Ravenheart) was comfortably re-elected as Governor of Nova Terra
  • Madigan Wilks (SDP) was narrowly elected the new Governor of Earth

Campaign Finance

The 2540 election saw less spending than in 2530 but the new campaign finance rules appeared to have had a very limited impact. Total spending reached 15.9 billion adjusted dollars.   Major donors included: Allied West VENTRISS UDC Proteus KP LGD Gamma Ashpool Heavy Industries Civil Service Union of the Republic (CSUR) Teachers Union of the Republic (TSUR) Valtinist Churches The Church of the Ascension Major PAC Groups (as governed by the Republic Campaign Laws of 2502)   There were also a number of major private donors. The huge amount spent on campaign finance was hugely criticized by many politicians and calls for improved campaign finance laws were popular, though no major party pledged anything concrete.  

Coalition Talks

Coalition talks began in April of 2540 and whilst Valiant held the most seats, they did not have a majority and faced a challenge from the SDP and Gurava who tried to put Nasim Karembeau in as President   These talks went on into May until Vishnu Elpis agreed to back Senator Inkerman and he was then duly elected President.  

The New Government

President Inkerman was officially sworn into office in May of 2540. He moved quickly to put together his cabinet and surprised many by appointing Leander Ashpool as his Chief of Staff, stating that "you couldn't ask for a better Chief of Staff than the founder of the Republic."   He also appointed longtime family fixer Tavon Willis as his Special Counsel to the President, giving him a wide array of access and supervisory powers.   The first Inkerman Cabinet:
  • Gerhardt McCain - Isolationist Party - Secretary of Defence
  • Dade McGinnis - Valiant - Foreign Secretary
  • Porter Sanderson - Vishnu Elpis - Treasury Secretary
  • Jesalee Corrick - Valiant - Minister of Intelligence and Communications
  • Morse Cutbill - Isolationist - Secretary of the Interior
  • Beckett Solarin -Independent - Attorney General
  • Leander Ashpool - Valiant - Chief of Staff

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