New Corinth

A beautiful and mineral rich world that was initially settled by miners and ranchers, New Corinth developed a rich economy and was heavily invested in by the corporations.  


Located in the north-eastern part of Terran space, New Corinth orbits the star Lalande 117 which is a pale yellow star, similar to Earth's star Sol. New Corinth is the third planet in the star system, which contains sixteen other planets or planetoids.


New Berlin was first colonized in 2251. It was thought to be a very good prospect but a long way from the nearest colony, making the process of colonization more expensive. It was also on the Karkouri border.   However a group of religious pilgrims, exiles from the Terran Confederacy and corporate insiders decided to establish the colony on New Corinth.


New Corinth is a rich and bountiful world with excellent mineral deposits, lush rain-forests and fertile soil throughout the planet. Its distance from the core-worlds was a major reason it took so long to initially colonize.   New Corinth's temperature ranges from the poles to the equator but it experiences fairly stable seasons, with its summer seasons lasting around five months and seeing average temperatures of 20 degrees C. In the depths of winter, New Corinth sees lows of -5 degrees C.  

Native Flora and Fauna

New Corinth is home to a relatively young local eco-system, with most biologists believing that "life" only developed on the planet around 5,000 years ago. New Corinth is home to a large number of avian, with the largest birds on the planet being Salvador's Condor, which can reach a wingspan of nine meters but is thankfully not hostile to humans, though has been known to prey on herd animals.   The planet is also home to the impressive Silverwing, resembling an Earth starling and forming massive super-flocks of over ten million individual birds.   The oceans of New Corinth are home to a large number of ocotopoid creatures, including the Diamondback Squid which can reach sizes of around ten to fifteen metres long and have been known to prey on swimmers and fishermen.   The planet has been careful with its integration of non-native animal races and adapted cattle, horses and dogs have all integrated to the planet. Non-adapted animals are generally forbidden on the planet.


As of 2520, New Corinth is home to 506,221,146 inhabitants. its last census returned:
  • 495,000,000 humans
  • 5,000,000 Indirians
  • 1,200 other aliens


New Corinth has generally been governed as a classic Legislature and Governor arrangement, though this has changed many times over the years.   As of 2498, New Corinth was part of the Hassal League and was therefore initially subject to an emergency government organized by the Karkouri Regime Council.   As of 2505 , the Karkouri handed over power to the new government which was still generally considered to be a collaborator government.   In 2531, Martian Marines successfully liberated the planet, ending more than 30 years of Karkouri occupation. An interim government was put in place ahead of elections.  

Governor's of New Corinth

The below is a non-exhaustive list of named Governors of New Corinth:
  • 2380-2384- General Mathis Shortland
  • 2384-2387- General Hillary Coetze
  • 2387-2392- Lady Sara Tancredo
  • 2392-2405- Lord Niles Tancredo
  • 2405-2420- Lord Kreak Tancredo
  • 2420-2460- Lord Hayden Tancredo "Lord Protector of the Empire"
  • 2460-2476 -Emperor Hallam Tancredo
  • 2476-2497- Prince Clay Tancredo *
  • 2497-2545- title unused
  • 2545-Present -Vaughn Kearey - Vishnu Elpis

Sovereign Agreement

After the 2541 referendum, New Corinth voted to name House Valane as the sovereign ruler of the planet. This endowed House Valane's ruler, Princess Kallisto Valane at the time, as hereditary sovereign and gave her and her heirs veto power over the legislature. However the post was largely seen as ceremonial   The overwhelming support for this vote in the referendum, 70% voted to agree to name House Valane as sovereign, was in large part due to House Valane's involvement in the liberation and subsequent reconstruction of New Corinth.  

List of Sovereigns

  1. 2540-Present - Princess Kallisto Valane


New Corinth was initially an independent colony but agreed to join the Confederate Union in the year 2288. It was also part of The Federated States and then the Terran Empire .   After the fall of the Empire, New Corinth was part of the Hassal League and ruled by a Karkouri puppet government.   In 2540, New Corinth agreed to join the The Antares Federation after a referendum.  

Partisan Politics

With an artistic and somewhat bohemian population, New Corinth generally has a fairly liberal voting record and supports left-wing candidates in elections. However due to the huge level of influence of the Valtinist faith on the planet, religious parties have also fared well on the planet  

Major Valtinist Site

New Corinth was always home to Valtinists but with House Tancredo embracing the Valtinist faith, New Corinth increasingly became a hub of Valtinist culture.   Valtinist bases, colleges and then later communes were established on the planet and several major conferences were held there.   As of 2498, New Corinth remains a place of pilgrimage for Valtinists

New Corinthian Culture

New Corinth was always a fairly cultural place with museums, art galleries and fashion houses. The people of New Corinth were often on the cutting edge of fashion and culture.   The "New Corinthian" style came to the fore during the reign of Colamere Tancredo .  

Major Places

Silver City

The largest city on New Corinth is also the capital city. Home to nearly twelve million people, Silver City is beautifully laid out with its evidence of central planning is clear with open green spaces and excellent transport links in all directions.   Silver City is home to dozens of museums, art galleries, fashion houses and theater complex, with theater a particularly big part of the city's culture. Silver City was considered one of the best places for an actor or writer to live.   Silver City also has a famously low crime rate with a combination of careful city planning and the very well funded SCPD able to keep crime under control.   Silver City is home to two major colleges, with Handel College a famous arts and acting college

Sandoval Falls

The home of a large part of the political establishment on New Corinth, the colonial legislature operates from Sandoval Falls, another picturesque city based near the Saruvad river and its massive water-fall.   Sandovall Falls is home to around six million people and its famously quite an expensive place to live, with somewhat cluttered housing around the central area but with far better planned suburbs.   Sandoval Falls is also home to the main estates of House Tancredo, which fell into disuse after the fall of the Terran Empire


Arrowhead was a fairly minor city until the rise of Valtinism on the planet in the 25th century. Arrowhead became home to several major Valtinist communes and a community college.   Arrowhead is home to five million people and has been cleaned up, with the new developments very well planned out.   Arrowhead is also famous for the excellent health care and education, with the city supported by a dozen Valtinist charities.   Arrowhead is also home to a Valtinist Ranger training facility.

New Thebes

New Thebes was a fast growing city in the 23rd century, with most of its population employed in mining and corporate work, giving it a somewhat blue-collar feel which was looked down upon from some of the other major cities   New Thebes is home to around eight million people and is far less well planned out than many of the other major cities, with overcrowding in the city-center a constant problem.   Crime on New Thebes is famously quite bad, with local gangs generally able to control the city through the shadowy "Council of Spartans", who only really unite to drive the Yakuza out of the city.   New Thebes Police Department (NTPD) are famously outgunned and riddled with corruption.  

Celestine on the Sea

The major seaport of Celestine "on the sea" to give it its full name is a beautiful place, popular with tourists despite its somewhat blue collar population who are largely involved in fishing and deep sea mining.   The "harbor district" is home to beautifully appointed luxury apartments and villas which are often rented out to holidaymakers as well as being popular with the planet's wealthiest population.   The city is home to around 2 million people and is a well spaced out city with even the "working class" homes being of a decent size. Due to city by-laws, there is a limit to how many homes can be built on the cliff faces but there are some apartments cut into the cliff-face themselves and reinforced with artificial metal and rockcrete buttresses to keep them standing.   Celestine's population are known for their love of all things nautical and the Golden Sea Boat-Race attracts ships from all over the planet and even some competitors from off-world to take part in the two day boat race across the coast.   Celestine is also home to an agricultural college  


The small town of Beveontree would likely be totally unknown if it wasn't for its historic connection to Valtinism. Dr William Kay lived there for four years and wrote some of his work there and House Tancredo hosted a huge Valtinist convention there in 2429 and again in 2437, attracting more than twenty million people to the planet.   Beveontree is now home to around one million people and the town is famously expensive to live in. However there is an extensive Valtinist outreach commune in the area which helps locals with long ties to the area afford to live there, instituting very strict rent controls.   The town has a thriving tourist industry as well as a highly regarded liberal arts college.  

The Cave of Sighs

A historical location, the Cave of Sighs was the site of one of the original colonial landing sites and these luckless early colonists were forced to endure incredible hardships, with nearly all of them dying underground and in darkness.   This place of maudlin sadness still attracts a number of tourists and historians who admire the braveness of these early settlers on New Corinth.   There are a number of spiritualists and oculists who believe the Cave of Sighs is deeply haunted and some tourists and visitors have reported electrical equipment behaving oddly in the caves as well as unexplained sounds and audio readings.  

The Silver Desert

Located in the far north of New Corinth, the "Silver Desert" is a spectacular but incredibly hostile place home to very little life aside from hardy cacti and some predatory birds.   The Silver desert is often explored by miners who have found heavy metal deposits in the shifting, boiling hot sands. However between the temperatures (very hot in the day and very cold at night) sandstorms, electrical storms and a lack of natural water, the desert has claimed the lives of a huge number of explorers.   The Condor's Path desert race takes place once every five years on New Corinth as riders bring their horses to the desert to take part in an endurance race across two hundred miles of scorching hot desert. The winners receive a substantial prize, which is paid out by various corporate sponsors.   There are some, however, who feel the desert race is very cruel with at least four or five riders dying every time and at least seven or eight horses dying each time.
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