Lightning Point

Lightning Point was a minor Terran world first settled in the late 22nd century  


Located on the Western edge of Terran space, Lightning Point was the fourth star orbiting blue dwarf Kruger 60. Lightning Point bore signs that it had been terraformed previously, possibly by the Taur'lier but this has never been conclusively proven.


Lightning Point was first scouted in 2094 but it was felt that its remote location and difficult climate would make it difficult prospect as a new colony and it was earmarked for a military outpost.   In 2160 the Federation established a listening post on the planet, which was co-funded by various corporations to use as a trading post.   The main colony followed afterwards and took many years to really develop into a prosperous colony.


Lightning Point is roughly 65% the size of the Earth and is infamous for its near constant rain and its gloomy, rocky landscape. Whilst there is vegetation on Lightning Point, much of this had to be introduced by colonists and the planet was very bare, resembling a "tundra world" when the first colonists arrived.   Lightning Point's temperature runs the range from highs of 40 degrees to lows of -10 degrees.   Lightning Point is home to three major oceans

Native Flora and Fauna

There were very few complex life-forms when the first colonists arrived on Lightning Point, with only some simple species of mollusks native to the planet, along with a large number shrimp and lobster like animals in the seas.   Colonists introduced various native Earth animals such as pigs, horses, cats, dogs and cows to the planet. Earth fish like Cod, Haddock, Mackerel and Salmon were also introduced to the planet too.


As of 2520 Lightning Point is home to 375,000,000 people.
  • 358,000,000 humans
  • 18,000,000 Indirians
  • 150 other aliens


During the time of the Federation, Lightning Point was a military outpost and therefore governed by a military governor appointed by the Federation. During the days of The Federated States it became a fully independent colony and had a governor and a colonial legislature.   With the rise of The Terran Empire , it was given to House Krane as their fiefdom and remained one past the fall of the Empire.   Lord Savintar Krane disbanded the planet's colonial legislature. As of 2520, the only democratic elections allowed on the planet are at a city-level. Lightning Point is considered to be a dictatorship


House Krane have had hereditary control of the planet since the 2380s.
  • Lord Leavett Krane - 2387-2394
  • Lady Jessica Krane -2394 - 2405
  • Lord Heston Krane -2405- 2432
  • Lord Savindar Krane -2432 - 2465
  • Emperor Azrael Krane -2465 - 2498-
  • Prince Alexius Krane -2498-2540
  • Princess Emersyn Krane -2450-Present


After the collapse of the Empire, Lightning Point became a member of The Free Worlds Protection Pact   Lightning Point became a member of the Federation in 2531

The Black Dragon Yakuza

Lightning Point has had a long problem with crime and the Black Dragon Yakuza, in large part due to the close proximity to the Yakuza world of Fort Carpenter.   Lightning Point has generally had very tough laws, some of which appeared draconian even during the days of The Terran Empire

Rephaim Incursion

In the year 2389 a secret military facility on Lightning Point suffered an unexpected breach of security and samples of Rephaim DNA that had been used for experiments ended up infecting the population of the top secret research base.   A Recon Marine team was deployed to destroy the base and the operation, referred to as "Operation Raccoon" was a success, at heavy loss of life.   Quite why Rephaim DNA was being used for experiments was never formally confirmed but it was later confirmed that IIS had managed to move some of the samples to a new location.

Major Places


The site of the first landing on Lightning Point was a tough, rain-lashed canyon and home to a downport and some surrounding buildings. Over a century passed before the city grew up around it, in large part thanks to corporate investment from VENTRISS UDC, EDN and then later PINNACLE.   Rain City is now home to six million people and is the oldest city on the planet, though not the capital. Rain City is known for its cramped city-centre and its tall spire buildings that attract highly impressive lightning strikes.   A geo-thermal sink near the city offers it heat and power.   Rain-City often suffered from a very high crime rate and the RCPD are known to be very well armed and not shy about firing first and asking questions if they get around to it    

Whickham City

A centrally planned city that became the planet's capital and the site of the colonial government and the governor's mansion, many from Lighting Point regard the city as a stuffy and somewhat soulless place.   Whickham City is home to around one million people and its well planned suburbs and clean, tree lined streets are pleasant to tourists. However high house prices, tough laws and even tougher law enforcement from the WCPD have made the place a somewhat oppressive place for natives.   House Krane established Dragon Heights near Whickham City, which is their principal residence. The sprawling, old-style building covers over a thousand acres and is very well defended.  

Fort Rochester

Fort Rochester is the largest city on the planet and grew up in phases as new mines became profitable and drove the need for new workers. As of 2520, Fort Rochester is home to nine million people.   Fort Rochester has a very blue-collar reputation and often struggles with crime and violence. The FRPD are known to be well armed but badly out numbered.  

Fort Esperanza

The former Federation era military base was taken over by the Terran Empire and then co-opted by House Krane and the planetary government after the collapse of the Empire.   The community that grew up around the base is home to about five hundred thousand people
by Viktor Hanh

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