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The Free Worlds Protection Pact

The Free Worlds Pact was a major military and political alliance formed in the early 26th century between former Terran Empire worlds  


The Free Worlds Pact was formed when the governor's of New Carthage, Fort Verekker¬†and Lightning Point¬†agreed to a mutual protection alliance. The principle that "an attack on one is an attack on all" would stand but that the member worlds would have no sway over how each of the worlds is governed.  

Member Worlds

  • New Carthage (Founder World)
  • Lightning Point (Founder World)
  • Fort Verekker (Founder World)
  • Mars
  • Gaia
  • St Lawrence
  • Van Diemen's World
  • Fort Darwin


The Free Worlds Pact was formed in the early part of the 26th century in the shadow of the collapsed Empire.   The Free Worlds Pact agreed to allow Mars and then later Gaia become members of the Free Worlds Pact.   The Free Worlds Pact made a successful deal to maintain the "Imperial Fleet" in return for its protection if attacked by a "non-Terran" power.   The Free Worlds Pact ended up in a tense confrontation with the Republic over Nova Terra, which asked to become a member of the Free Worlds Pact   The Free Worlds Pact successfully negotiated with the St Lawrence Compact to take control of those worlds. The former VAIL leadership were granted full amnesty on all FWP worlds and the SLC was formally dissolved, with its former member worlds joining the Free Worlds Pact under emergency governments headed up by Selwyn Tancredo. Referendums were promised on all three worlds in 2525 and then full democratic elections in 2530  

Overlap with the Antares Federation

When the The Antares Federation was established in 2528, most member-worlds of the FWP signed up to become members of the newly formed Federation   By 2540 all members of the FWP had become members of the Federation, rendering the FWP essentially defunct


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