Whitworth was a major Terran world first colonized in the late 21st century  


Whitworth is located in the BD-98.11A star system, renamed the Hoevard system in the year 2140. Whitworth is the fifth planet in the star-system and is a "super-Earth", roughly twice the size of the Earth. It has a similar climate, though both of its poles are much much colder and ice locked for around 9 months of the year.   Whitworth is prone to long rainy seasons in the middle continents which can go on for many months.   Around 50% of the planet is covered in seas or oceans. Colonization Considered a superb prospect for colonization by the scouting services, Whitworth was first colonized in 2082 after a Federation led expedition to the planet. There were corporate co-sponsors but the Federation took the lead on establishing the colony there.   Around 60,000 people settled in Whitworth by 2090 and by 2190 there were nearly two hundred million people on the planet.  

Native Flora and Fauna

Whitworth is home to abundant natural life and very few of its animals are dangerous to humans, which greatly aided in its exploitation.  
  • Kruvdan - The "Kruvdan" or "Shovel-Fox" is small, somewhat dog-like animal with incredible curiosity. Small, agile and able to scale heights that would be nearly impossible but for its very sharp forepaws, the Kruvdar is thought to be a former Indirian pet left on the planet in large enough numbers but this is considered to be apocryphal. Kruvdar have been partially tamed in the past too.
  • Sandy Badger - the oddly named Sandy Badger is a large mammal that resembles something like a cross between a badger, a bear and a capybara. A scavenger with a voracious appetite, they are generally harmless and sometimes are even attracted to campsites to eat refuse and left-overs.
  • Hilber's Fawn - the tiny, fast galloping Fawn is actually more like a species of gazelle. With bright blue eyes, they are considered to be sacred by many of the people of Eden as well as the Indirians on the planet who think that they are "totem-spirits". Hilber's Fawns are found in large numbers in the southern plains
  • Ostervore - one of the rare, dangerous animals on Whitworth, the Ostevore resembles the Earth condor but is a fast striking predator, preferring to dive directly from above and attack with its razor sharp talons that are over six inches long. The Ostevore is a fast and agile but tend to only attack smaller humans on their own. Ostevores were hunted to near extinction but have since recovered in natural preserves. An Ostevore feather is considered to be good luck on Whitworth


With a good climate, plentiful food and space, Whitworth has always been one of the fastest growing colonies. As of 2545 it is home to 1,342,000,000 Terrans.
  • 1,140,000,000 humans
  • 200,000,000 Indirians
  • 12,000 other aliens
  • 950 AIs


Whitworth was governed by an elected legislature and an appointed governor. Whitworth was allowed to elect its own governor from the year 2105, one of the first colonies to be allowed to do so.   During the time of the The Terran Empire , Whitworth was the fiefdom of House McQaid.


Known Governors of the Whitworth colony:
  1. Lord Hayden McQaid - 2370-2400
  2. Lord Collier McQaid - 2400-2435
  3. Lord Ordell McQaid - 2435-2456
  4. Lord Prescott McQaid -2456-2495
  5. Lord Collier McQaid II - 2495-2505
  6. Office Vacant -2505-2545
  7. Solomon Thomas -Independent -2545-Present

Whitworth and the Wider Terran Political State

Whitworth was a key part of the Terran Federation and eventually became the hub of the Federations civil service, making it a key location and also granting it a huge level of political power.   Whitworth was a part of the Terran Confederacy during the time of the so-called "Successor States" though it often lobbied for its independence from the Confederacy, becoming the spark that lit the 2nd Terran Civil War.   Whitworth was a part of the Confederate Union and the The Federated States .   During the time of the Terran Empire, House McQaid were granted the fiefdom there and generally regarded as fair minded and progressive liege-lords.  

Partisan Politics

Generally speaking, Whitworth has a centre-left population. This is largely based on the planets long traditions of left-leaning democratic politics.  

Major Places


New Denver

New Denver was the first major settlement on the planet and was largely based around the first downport   New Denver is home to around ten million people and is the planetary capital. New Denver is a somewhat loosely planned city, ramshackle in some areas and the "Mountain-Side" district is cut into the Loxbridge mountains that overlook the city.   New Denver's population is largely middle class, with many of them working for corporations, the government and the downport.   New Denver has a low crime rate in large part to low poverty and also thanks to the well funded New Denver Police Department.   New Denver is home to the government district and the governor's mansion.   New Denver is home to Cyranno Law School, a highly regarded college.

Spokane Canyon

The Spoke Canyon settlements grew up sheltered from the rains and have, over time, become a huge area of conurbnation.   Home to a mix of ag-workers, service workers and ranchers, Spokane Canyon has a lot of cheap land and even working class families can afford to buy a decent home and some acres to go with it.   Spokane Canyon is home to around fifteen million people, spread out over a huge area.   Law enforcement in the Canyon is a mixture of township police departments and sheriff's departments but the Spokane Canyon Marshall's service knits the patchwork together. Crime is generally low   Spokane Canyon is home to two major colleges, with Oxbow College a famous agricultural and horticultural college.

Bartram’s Canyon

Bartram's Canyon is similar to Spokane Canyon but based in the hotter, eastern continent and is home to the planet's main energy and mining populations   A slightly more rough hewn area, home to massive solar panel farms, Bartram's Canyon is home to around four million people.   Bartram's Canyon has quite a lot of corporate involvement too with EDN, Allied-West and Proteus KP having sites in the canyon.


The picturesque city of Lookinglass sits on the edge of the Naberhald glacier and overlooks the frozen northern poles of Whitworth.   Initially established as a science and marine base, Lookinglass grew over time to become a city of two million people who live a secluded but exhilarating life   The views from the ramparts of Lookinglass city are famously incredible and the day long aurora's above the city are legendary tourist attractions   Due to the fortnight long day and night at the equinox, Lookinglass has a very strict police force and the LPD are famously one of the toughest and best armed on the planet.   Lookinglass is also home to Frost-Holm College, the whimsically named liberal arts college.

Raedwald Compound

Raedwald Compound was established in 2113 by wildcatter colonists who wanted to live outside of the Federation and the grip of the colonial government in New Denver.   Raedwald is based in the Rothham Forrest in the South and is, even in 2545, a somewhat secluded and secretive place home to those that prefer to be left alone.   Raedwald is home to around one million people who have a somewhat libertarian attitude and prefer to be left alone. Ranchers, forresters and scouts live in the compound and scout out across the vast, seemingly never-ending Rothham forrest.   Raedwald has no organized police force but there are several sheriff's departments.

Pas de Appian

The Pas de Appian was a key base for the resistance during the Karkouri occupation from 2499 to 2525. It was established in the 2300's by OMDA but was activated again by the various factions of the resistance to the Karkouri occupation and was a key base for launching raids against the Karkouri and the collaborator forces   After the liberation of the colony, Pas de Appian was made a historical site and preserved.
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