New Silesia

New Silesia was a minor Terran world settled in the early 22nd century  


Located in the "North-East" of Terran space, New Silesia was first scouted in the 2090s and regarded as a middling prospect for colonization. New Silesia orbits the star Struve 118 and it is the fourth planet in the system.    


New Silesia was first colonized in the year 2130 after a group of private colonists, exiled from the hurly burly of New Berlin's politics came to New Silesia to settle. The colony nearly didn't survive, with 55% of the first colonists dying within the first five years of founding.   However, thanks to the hardiness of the colonists, aid from the Federation and some corporate help from West-Corp, the colony ended up stabilizing.   The Federation agreed to fund terraforming the planet in the year 2181, increasing its viability as a colony world.


New Silesia generally enjoys a fairly Earth-like weather system, with the seasons affecting the weather in a similar way to the Earth.   New Silesia does, however, suffer from high levels of tectonic activity and strong earthquakes have been known to cause devastation to the colony there.   Nearly all large buildings on New Silesia are "earth-quake proof" using various technologies.  

Native Flora and Fauna

Due to the heat and the temperamental nature of the planets tectonics, very few complex life-forms were on New Silesia when the colonists arrived. The most interesting species native to the planet was the Cave-Worm, a six to nine foot longer worm, usually white or silver in colour and generally hostile to anything it comes across.   The planet's seas are also home to various species of jellyfish and arthopods, including the massive Curodda, that resembles a cross between a lobster and a scorpion. This eight to ten foot long creature generally prefers very hot water and is rarely encountered but is very dangerous.   Since terra-forming, the planet is now home to a huge number of Earth animals, with sheep, cows, pigs and horses common on the planet these days.


As of 2520, New Silesia is home to 313,000,000 Terrans:
  • 298,000,000 Humans
  • 13,000,000 Indirians
  • 670 AI
  • 2,300 other aliens


New Silesia was first formed with a somewhat theocratic government, with a two chambered council of "Lay-persons" and then a chamber of "The Bretheren" serving as the upper house.   In 2180, the Federation insisted that the upper chamber become an elected chamber in order for the planet to qualify for full membership in the Federation and to gain the funding for terra-forming, which was agreed.   From 2180 to 2390, New Silesia was generally governed by a colonial legislature and a governor.   With the foundation of the Terran Empire , House Cappotelli was granted the fiefdom of the planet.   After the collapse of the Empire and foundation of the Hassall League , the planet was governed by an emergency government, lead by a Karkouri backed puppet governor.   In 2531 a lightning attack from the Republic Marine corps, working with PMC's from Strategic Dynamics liberated the planet in a week long campaign. An interim government was put in place   In 2543 New Silesia voted overwhelmingly to join the Republic in a referendum.   In 2545 New Silesia voted in a referendum to restore Rafe Cappotelli to his title as Lord-Governor of New Silesia. As per the newly adopted constitution on the planet, he would hold the hereditary governorship of the planet and be free to appoint a Lieutenant Governor. However the legislature would hold a veto over any executive orders from him, as well as limiting his ability to name other members to the governor's cabinet.  

Governors of New Silesia:

  1. Lord Greer Cappotelli -2390- 2445
  2. Lord Pike Cappotelli -2445-2475
  3. Lord Athos Cappotelli -2475-2497
  4. Title vacant -2497-2545
  5. Lord Rafe Cappotelli -2545-Present

Dissident History

During the 2290's to the 2330's New Silesia was a major base for OMDA as they waged war against the Hansa and the Confederate Union and then later the Karkouri Regime.   In the year 2367, New Silesia went into revolt against The Federated States and joined the Union of Socialist Worlds. As the largest planet in the new bloc, it was considered the capital of the short lived state.   In the year 2368 the Federated States marine corps pacified the planet after a short and very bloody campaign.

Major Sites

Bannockburn City

The capital city of New Silesia is home to around ten million people, as well as the planet's main downport. Bannockburn is a place of extremes with the planets corporate and political elites rubbing shoulders with the poorest of citizens.   Bannockburn has a very high crime rate and the Black Dragon Yakuza have long controlled much of the planets organized crime

New Carrock

New Carrock is a coastal city, based on the cliffs and is considered a beautiful place, though during the winter-storms the city can catch some very fierce weather. The city is home to around 3 million people   New Carrock is home to the academic classes on New Silesia, with the Portside College considered the best college on the planet.   New Carrock also has a much better crime rate thanks to its large and well funded NCPD.


Established as a monastery, Solitude is carved into Goliath's Hand, a major mountain on the Western continent of the planet. Solitude was later co-opted as a research and military base and was briefly used by the Federation's Intelligence Services to spy on the Karkouri Regime.   Solitude was later opened up by West-Corp as a small city, which became home to around 250,000 people who like to live in the distant mountains and enjoy the incredible views and can cope with the extreme cold!   Solitude is home to a research base and Cloud-Breaker College, an excellent if somewhat eccentric College


This grim reminder of a dark time in Terran history was established as a "death camp" where prisoners were sent to fend for themselves in the dark canyons of the Southern continent. After 2180, it was made an official Federation Penal Camp where around 5,000 High Security prisoners were kept.   During the days of the Terran Empire, it was home to a Marine training base as well as a stockade where marines accused of crimes were held.   Since the fall of the Empire, Penance now lies abandoned and is a dark, gloomy and some say haunted cluster of ancient buildings.
by Viktor Hanh

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