Hassall League

The Hassal League was a Karkouri protectorate formed in the late 25th century, governing a large number of Terran worlds  


The Hassal League was formed by the Karkouri Regime after they defeated the Terran Empire in 2497. A large number of worlds were placed under Karkouri control through governments set up on the planets but with Karkouri "aid" and supervision.   The member worlds of the Hassal League were named as a Protectorate of the Karkouri Regime and banned from conducting their own foreign policy until, at the earliest, 2530.


  • Vanheim (Notional capital)
  • Whitworth
  • Eden
  • New Corinth
  • Stark
  • New Silesia
  • Fort Kurzon


After the victory of the battle of Vanheim, the Karkouri Regime had troops on Eden, Whitworth, Vanheim and New Corinth. They worked with local political leaders to install new governments on the planet, with provisional governments formed initially and then permanent governments formed later on.   The Hassal League worlds were banned from conducting foreign policy, expected to provide money and resources and given Karkouri advisers and garrisons, with a large garrison placed on Vanheim and Whitworth.  

The Resistance

Military resistance began on almost all Hassal worlds from the beginning of the Karkour occupation. The "Ice-Pack" cities on Vanheim mounted a fierce resistance and a full siege broke out which didn't end until 2506.   There was also armed resistance on Whitworth, New Corinth, Vanheim and Eden. The Karkouri deployed millions of Salborian troops to these worlds and there were fierce battles.   The Sword of Liberty organisation was the most successful unified front for the resistance but there were a huge number of other resistance factions with varying ideologies.   By 2515, the instability on worlds like Whitworth and Vanheim was such that it appeared likely that a full blown planetary revolt could begin  

Reprisal Camps

The Karkouri began to institute harsh reprisals after a number of Karkouri officers were publicly captured, tortured and executed. The Karkouri eventually began to round up tens of thousands of civilians across the Hassal League, with the threat of executions if the attacks continued.   Despite a Galactic Council observer force being dispatched, the Karkouri ordered mass executions, as well sweeps of towns and settlements resulting in lots of deaths.  


During the 10th karkouri War, forces from the Republic and the Free Worlds Pact/Federation successfully liberated all the Hassal League worlds except for Eden.   Sword of Liberty was also a key stakeholder in the operations, along with the Valtinist Rangers   In 2535, the Karkouri Regime agreed to cede Eden back over to the Terrans.  A Tazzyn garrison was installed but the world was handed over to an interrim government, pending a referendum on the planet on its future.

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