Jericho were a major Terran terrorist organization formed in the mid 26th century  
  Origins Jericho were formed after Mars joined the The Terran Republic . Its leadership had become convinced that the Republic's leaders including House Valane, Ashpool and Inkerman were all either Zzenddi hybrids or under Zzenddi influence.  

Stated Aims

Jericho has posted a simple manifesto on many of its "hidden" media portals and also posted as physical posters or placards:
  • The complete breakdown and destruction of the Terran Republic
  • Its replacement with a new voluntary Terran state
  • The unmasking of all "Great Houses" to confirm that they are not Zzenddi hybrids


Jericho is apparently organized in a classic cell structure, with small groups of four or so operating with only a single point of contact above them.   The nature of Jericho's senior command is generally unknown with "couriers" operating between planets but all other cells only operating on one planet, usually their home planet.   According to one leaked source, Jericho show a surprisingly high level of organization and tradecraft, suggesting that some of its membership may be former intelligence officers.  


Jericho first "announced itself" in 2548 after posting its media sites with its manifesto and its claims that there were Zzenddi hybrids throughout the Republic   Jericho then launched terrorist attacks on New Carthage, Tyr, Gaia and Mars.   Jericho also attempted to destroy the building site of Nysa City on Mars.

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