The single greatest industrial planet in Human space, Mars became the Corporate HQ and the single most important world other than the capitol. Nearly all major corporations have offices and HQs on Mars  


Mars was the first planet visited by humans after the invention of space-flight. The first manned mission to Mars took place in 2041, with a secret CDSU mission sent to Mars which ended with the deaths of the crew. A USCAF operation made a successful landing in 2043, encountering a Tranoan scout team at the Cydonian pyramid.   The colonisation of Mars was begun in 2065 by the Terran Federation and the initial Bradbury base was dug into solid rock and topped with a dome to protect the colonists and scientists.   Over the decades that followed, Mars grew as more and more settlers were sent to Mars and began to expand out. Mining on Mars found massive deposits of untouched heavy metals and the initial wave of miners and industrialists all became very wealthy.   During the days of the Federated States, Mars became the capital, though this was due to be rotated. Mars relinquished its status as capital with the emergence of the Terran Empire. Mars was the fiefdom of House Valane  


The first settlers on Mars had to live under domes or in underground cities and bases. The process to teraform the planet was begun in the year 2089 and finally finished in the year 2188. Thanks to technology granted by the Tranoans, the Terrans were able to complete the process far quicker than expected.  

Current Climate

As of 2520, the average temperature on Mars is significantly colder than that of Earth, with average temperatures during the Martian "summer" being around 10-15 degrees C and winter temperatures dropping to 40 degrees below zero.   Mars is also significantly drier than Earth and sees far less rainfall, though rains, storms and snows do occur.

The Colonial Legislature

The colonial legislature is democratically elected every four years. The elections are vibrant and often quite competitive   Mars is home to many powerful political parties, most of which are purely Mars based. As of 2515, the major parties include:  
  • Martian Democratic Union (MDU) - the principle mainstream centre-left party which stands up for working and middle class families but doesn't always take a strongly adversarial tone against the Hansa.  The MDU formed a working relationship with the Social Democratic Party in the 2530s.
  • Martian Workers Party (MWP) -formed by miners and union-reps, the MWP is a strongly left wing and Marxist party that is deadly opposed to the Hansa and wants to put the mines and other manufacturing industries into the hands of the people. Strongly associated with "Red Mars", they were forced to disavow them
  • Ravenheart (RH) - a conservative anti AI, anti TND Valtinist Party which is the principle right-wing Party on Mars
  • Vishnu Elpis (VE) - a moderate Valtinist Party that is socially liberal but fiscally conservative, as well as somewhat hawkish.
  • Isolationist (ISO) -a very conservative party that opposes alien influence on Terran worlds and is pro-corporate and hawkish.
  • Justice and Peace (JPP) - a left-wing Valtinist party, very popular in Cydonia City
  • Fisara (FIS) - a centre-right party established to help represent the interests of the corporations.

Governor of Mars

Mars has had governors for hundreds of years. The Governor of Mars, who generally runs the administration of the planet from their mansion in Cydonia City, has broad executive powers. The Governor of Mars was initially appointed by the government of Earth but over time they were later elected by the population of Mars.   After the rise of the Empire, the Governorship of Mars was granted as the hereditary of seat of House Valane, instantly propelling them to a huge level of power and influence.   After an agreement with Red Mars and the planets legislature, even after the Empire had fallen, the governorship was kept as the hereditary seat of House Valane.   Recent Governors of Mars:
  1. Lady Mathilda "Tilly" Valane (2385-2405)
  2. Empress Ivy Valane-Solarin (2405-2440)
  3. Empress Regina Valane  (2440-2460)
  4. Empress Aurora Valane (2460-2476)
  5. Lord Desper Valane  (2476-2499) *Regent Governor
  6. Princess Nova Valane (2499-2540)
  7. Princess Kallisto Valane (2540-Present)

Lt-Governor of Mars

In the 22nd century, the Governorship of Mars was such a complex and time-consuming job that the Governor began to appoint a Lt-Governor to serve as their deputy.   After the governorship of the planet became hereditary, the office of Lt-Governor was initially also within the gift of the governor of the planet and much of the day to day rulership of Mars went to the Lt-Governor as the Governor was expected to spend some time on Earth as part of the Imperial Council.   After the agreement with Red Mars, the office of Lt-Governor became democratically elected.   Recent Lt-Governor's of Mars:
  1. Lady Lola Whirry -Independent -
  2. Lady Margot Rykker -Independent -
  3. Jackson Valane -Independent - 2520-2540
  4. Obediah Heache -Vishnu Elpis - 2540-2550

Attorney General of Mars

The Martian legal system including its law enforcement was granted to the Attorney General, who was often one of the most powerful and experienced law-enforcement professionals in all of Terran space.   The office of Attorney General was also a key post to launch a major political career.   As per the Lt-Governorship, the Attorney-General's office was initially granted at the wish of the Governor but later was returned to its old status as an elected office.  
  1. Amos Sandwell - Independent - 2500-2510
  2. Loki van de Wael - Martian Workers Party -2510-2520
  3. ObediahHeache - Centrist / Vishnu Elpis  -2520-2540
  4. Dr Mary Potter -Vishnu Elpis - 2540-2550

House Valane

House Valane were granted the hereditary governorship of Mars. Technically speaking, as per all seats granted in the The Terran Empire , the power to choose the successor meant that it needn't be the oldest child that would take the governorship.  

Major Corporations and the Hansa

Mars has always had many top corporations there and became the industrial and financial powerhouse of Terran states. Almost all major corporations set up head-quarters and offices on Mars. It was seen very much as a point of prestige to have a large and opulent office in Cydonia City.   The Martian legislature and politicians often stood up for the corporations and the Hansa, ensuring that they did not pay taxes or face governmental interference.  

Valtinist Communes on Mars

Mars is home to over 2.4 billion Valtinists and has many major communes. These include:  
  • Celestial Light Commune -Bradbury City
  • Seshat’s House Commune -Cydonia City
  • Field of the Valkyrie Commune -Cydonia Park
  • The Nine Muses Commune -Jogan’s Landing
  • Hera’s Hearth Commune -Olympia Village

Red Mars

Terrorist organisation Red Mars was a radical left-wing organisation formed in opposition to the overwhelming power of the Hansa and their Imperial allies. Initially largely comprised of intellectuals, students and disaffected radicals, Red Mars preached an end to the Empire, the power of House Valane on Mars and the break up of the Hansa.   Red Mars first gained major exposure when they launched the bold but ill-fated August Uprising in 2467   More than a thousand militants seized the government headquarters in Cydonia city and stage a defence against the marine corps. However after a long siege, the rebels were forced to surrender and their "August" government was forced to surrender, despite spending time ratifying and reading its constitution.   Whilst the uprising was a failure in military terms, it lead to a huge upswing in recruitment and Red Mars essentially took over all the main terrorist and resistance groups on Mars, often through violence. Red Mars continued to gain followers, arms and funding through various sources, including the indirect support of House Grumman who funneled billions of adjusted dollars to Red Mars.   In the 2480's the so called "Mountain Wars" broke out between Red Mars militias and various security forces, resulting in hundreds of deaths on both sides.   This peaked in 2497 when Red Mars launched multiple uprisings on Mars, peaking with its brief capture of Sancrist City. The whole campaign, over two months of fighting, see 3,750 marines killed and 15,000 wounded. More than 10,000 Red Mars militia are killed.   In the year 2500, House Valane and their government negotiated a truce with Red Mars which resulted in the offices of Lt-Governor and Attorney General becoming democratically elected, along with ensuring a number of other major reforms. House Valane were granted their seat as governor on a hereditary basis and Red Mars disbanded their militia, with thousands of them facing trial afterwards.   Many members of Red Mars joined the Martian Workers Party and some have ascended to elected office.  

The Yakuza and Mars

The Yakuza have had a foothold on Mars for hundreds of years. Initially this was just in Cydonia City but over-time the Black Dragon Yakuza defeated or subsumed all of the other major gangs. The Yakuza clans often had their own agreements about which clan would be in charge of which city or which territory but this did not rule out Yakuza violence.   Various city and planetary police forces acted against the Yakuza, with varying effects.   The Black Dragon Yakuza in Cydonia City are incredibly powerful but tend to stay out of street crime and violence and instead operate behind the scenes.


Mars is currently (as of 2520) home to 5.00 billion people according to recent census The breakdown of the population is:  
  • Terrans 4,500,000,000
  • Indirian 500,000,000
  • Other aliens (Embassy staff) 8,400

Cydonia City

see Cydonia City   Cydonia was the first colonized part of the planet and home to the colonial administration as well as Cydonia college. The HQ of PINNACLE is there as well. Cydonia is a very prestigious and modern city, though the extremely high rent prices do preclude the lower classes from living there.   Cydonia is home to Cydonia College , widely considered to be the most prestigious University College in the Teran Empire. It’s also home to several other colleges, the most famous being Redfall, the cradle of liberalism on Mars. Cydonia City is also home to the government quarter, with the Governor’s mansion, the Colonial Legislature and the High Court of Mars there, along with Martian First Bank. The historic Library of Cydonia is also based in the city.   Cydonia is home to three major Airball teams:
  • Cydonia Red Devils
  • Cydonia Hawks
  • Cydonia Rangers

Cydonia Park

A spill-over development from Cydonia City, Cydonia Park is a sprawling urban development which surrounds Cydonia Downport. There are some rundown areas within Cydonia Park but they are well served by the huge Cydonia police force.  

Pyramid City

Pyramid City is one of the older cities which was initially established as a mining colony. Over the last hundred years it has become a lot less important and prestigious. There are still some mines operating there. Pyramid is home to a mix of middle- and working-class people.   Pyramid City is home to the Pyramid City Jokers Airball team  

Bradbury City

Bradbury City was one of the older cities initially established and was once the home to a couple of major corporations too. With the 2315 closure of the Bradbury Mine and the merger that saw Bradbury-Pyramid Corporation taken over by Espirit du Nacional, Bradbury lost a lot of work and went through a long downturn. In the 25th century, Bradbury remains one of the poorer colonies with a high-crime rate   Bradbury City was home to the Bradbury Vikings Airball team. However, they moved to Sancrist City and the city was left without a team. Most Airball fans in Bradbury City support a Cydonia based team, usually the Rangers.  

Olympia Village

Established initially for the families of the planet’s administration and researchers, Olympia gradually changed to become an exclusive neighborhood, home to the wealthiest people on Mars. By the 25th century, homes in Olympia Village regularly sell for more than A$20M and the village is home to a small, highly prestigious population. There’s little public service there, with much of its provided by the corporations   Olympia Village does not have an Airball team.  

Jogan’s Landing

A city established in the 23rd century, Jogan’s landing was initially home to ex-miners and wildcatters before gradually becoming more and more gentrified. Being in a short flight distance from Sancrist, Jogan’s Landing became something of a commuter town and the City has become more and more middle-class. Jogan’s Landing is home to the up-market Fulward College, considered one of the best places to study humanities or Classics in the Empire.   Jogan's Landing is home to the Jogan's Landing Buccaneers Airball team  

Sancrist City

Sancrist City was formed by the merger of several domed colonies before they were converted with the terraforming of Mars. Sancrist City is home to much of the Martian financial and banking community, as well as several major colleges and a military base. Sancrist enjoys high employment rates and much of the population are directly employed by the Martian government   Sancrist City is home to two major airball teams:  
  • Sancrist City Vikings
  • Sancrist City Eagles

Chandahar City

Chandahar City was established in the 23rd century on the edge of the Hellas Plantia. Home to a huge population of miners and explorers, Chandahar grew fast and expanded out, taking advantage of being less confined than some of the older cities. In the 24th and 25th century, Chandahar has gained the major new manufacturing from many new corporations and could become the most populous city on the planet   Chandahar is home to Velmyre College, a prestigious commercial college and law school.   Chandahar City is home to the Chandahar Gators Airball team

Raythorn Villas

Another exclusive village area home to the wealthy people of Mars. Raythorne was initially VENTRISS’s exclusive domain but time has slowly eroded their control of Raythron   Raythorn Villas is home to the Raythorn Black-Jacks airball team  


Venusville was first established in the early 22nd century as a domed urban centre which gradually expanded. With the advent of a breathable atmosphere on Mars, Venusville hugely expanded and due to the space and its connection to the planet’s central services, housing was cheap. Venusville is home to Lowden College, a famed scientific college. Venusville is a sprawling conurbation of over 40 million people and it has a fairly tough crime rate. The Venusville PD are generally overmatched, despite having a huge number of men to call upon   Venusville is home to the Venusville Artics airball team.  

Olympic City

Established in the 22nd century, Olympic City was established to serve Olympus Downport, Mars’s oldest downport. Olympic is also home to the Fort Valward Naval base and academy. Olympic has decreased in importance but the city does have a big population, with lots of Navy and ex navy families there.   Olympic City is home to the Olympic City Athletics Airball team  

Olympus Mons

The largest mountain on Mars, far larger than any mountain on Earth and a top tourist attraction. Mountaineer teams regularly attempt to climb to the peak of Olympus Mons, with around 5% of those that attempt the climb dying in the process.  

Cydonian Pyramid

The most famous landmark on Mars, the ancient pyramid is of Taur’lier construction and is, to this day, secured by the Navy and the Marine corps. Guided tours are allowed and there are always several archaeological digs going on at the Pyramid at any time. No working technology has ever been recovered from the Pyramid.
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