The Grummans are a political family who came to prominence in the early 25th century  

Previous Scions

2415-2430- -Lord Abner Grumman   2430- 2455 - Lord Drake Grumman   2455-2476 -Lord Kotek Grumman   2476- 2489 -Lord Abner Grumman (11th Gen AI)   2489-2499 - Lord Gael Grumman *   2499-2515-Dahlia Avender-Slade -Destiny Party / Independent   2515-2520 - Ostor Grumman   2520 - 2541 - Premier Malik Grumman -Destiny Party  / Social Democratic Party   2541 - Present - Reiner Grumman -Gurava

Family Tree (WIP)


The Grumman family were given control of the fiefdom of New Berlin and where the Lord-Governors of that planet during the Terran Empire. House Grumman later renamed the planet Technopolis before it was reverted back by Dahlia Avender-Slade.   Malik Grumman was the first of his family to loose the seat of power on New Berlin, he resigned following an information leak in 2541 and the seat became fully democratically elected.  

Business Ventures

House Grumman have a long history of being major investors and innovators in the world of business. They started the Terran Neural Digitising corporation and helped organize a merger that created LGD Gamma   Reiner Grumman went on to found Arucia Lobbying group and Gallimimus Solutions

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