Drake Grumman

Drake Grumman was a political figure from the 25th Century  

Early Life

Drake, the eldest son of Abner Grumman spent most of his childhood at a prestigious military school on Mars before joining the fleet academy. Drake left the academy, reaching the rank of Ensign, to work in procurement for Allied West. By the age of 40 Drake had become the Regional Director for Procurement for Allied West and was rumoured to be in line for Vice-Precedency of the company before he left the organisation to take over as Governor of New Berlin after his father's sudden death in 2434.   He is father to the infamous Kotek Grumman

Political Career

Drake was known to be far more conservative than his father and fit nicely into the conservative faction of the imperial court. Utilising his experience he was selected as Lord Marshall in 2345 where he oversaw diversification of the Empire's mech production and expansion of the marine forces.   For the next 10 years Drake enjoyed a successful time as Chamberlain for Empress Regina Valane Drake Grumman resigns from Office and steps down as Lord-Governor in 2455 after it is revealed he was central to the Project Azure leak to the press.  

Later Life

After stepping down from political duties Drake spent the rest of his life working as a lobbyist for ADVANCE. Drake was named a life peer for his service to the Empire and his work on Prospero.
2390 2476 86 years old
New Hamburg, New Berlin
Place of Death
New Hamburg, Technopolis

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