Destiny Party

The Destiny Party was a major political party formed in the mid 25th century.  


The Destiny Party was founded in 2465 by the Ashpool family as a technocratic, pro-military party. It was also pro-corporate and has a distinctly populist tone.  

Party Platform

The Destiny Party's platform has evolved since it was founded. Its platform as of 2515 was:  
  • Full equality and protection for AI's alongside organics
  • Pro military, including better pay and better benefits
  • Pro business, lower taxes and less regulation
  • Supports establishing new colonies
  • Empowerment of individual worlds


The Destiny Party has had three chair-persons since it was founded. The party's leadership is voted on by the executive committee, formed by the party's membership.  
  1. Leander Ashpool
  2. Hadden Sickles
  3. Dahlia Avander-Slade
  4. Hadden Sickles

Electoral Performance

  In the 2470 Imperial Parliament elections, Destiny spent heavily and won 6% of the vote, becoming a minor part of the new parliament. They joined the Alliance for Prosperity's pro corporate, Centre-Right alliance.   Over the next ten year, Destiny managed to persuade many top AFP MP's, donors and strategists to switch to Destiny Party.   Destiny increased their share of the vote in the delayed 2485 election and going into the 2495 election were expected to do very well.   With the collapse of the Empire, the Destiny Party was a key component of the new Republic. Destiny did not put forward an official nominee for President in 2501 but were expected to support Dahlia Avander-Slade . When President Everann Sickles was elected, he worked closely with the Destiny Party, though he declined to formally join the Party.   Destiny were able to form a working coalition in the 2510 election, with Dahlia finally elected as President. Dahli's presidency became infamous for its involvement with the war on Nova Terra and later allegations of corruption.   In the 2520 election the Destiny Party suffered a major reverse, in part due to the above problems and also due to infighting between Leander Ashpool and Malik Grumman, which nearly caused a party split.   General Assembly Votes
  • 2510 -23%
  • 2520 -10% (down 13%)
Senators Elected
  • 2510 - 1 Senator
  • 2520 - 1 Senator *
* Senator Gunther Ross later switched his party affiliation from Destiny to Independent  

Party Merger

In December of 2524, Destiny announced in a joint statement with the Valiant Party, that they would merge under the Valiant party banner. This essentially brought an end to the Destiny Party under its old guise.

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