Everann Sickles

Everann Sickles was a former Navy officer, business magnate and politician. He served as the first President of the Terran Republic at the beginning of the 26th century  

Early Life

Everann Sickles was born to a wealthy family on Mars in 2420 and raised in Cydonia City. He attended a military academy and then studied military history at Cydonia college, graduating near the top of his class. He attended the Navy Academy on Earth , graduating near the top of his class. He qualified to pilot CR-17 shuttles during his time at Navy Academy.   Everann met Annabeth Shortland-Perrier at a social function in 2445 and the two married in 2450. The two had two children, Morse Sickles (born 2455) and Hadden Sickles (born 2460). Morse Sickles was killed during the Battle of Vanheim when his ship, the Helena, was destroyed.  

Navy Career

Everann qualified as an officer and served as a helm officer on the cruiser Endeavor, beginning his first tour in 2445. He was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) in 2446 and then to Lieutenant in 2448.   Everann transferred from the Endeavor to the cruiser Raleigh in 2455, serving as Lead Helmsman. He was then promoted to Bridge Officer in 2451 and granted the rank of Lieutenant Commander in 2552. He finished his tour in 2455 and moved to the General Staff, spending four years working in procurement and personnel development where he gained a reputation as a tough but charming officer.   Everann was promoted to the rank of Commander in 2460 and transferred to the cruiser Loyola where he served initially as XO. In 2468 he was transferred briefly to Mars where he served as a military advisor to the Lt-Governor. He rejoined the Loyola in 2470 and was named Captain of the ship, gaining the rank of Captain in 2470.   Everann was promoted to Rear Admiral and named as the commander of East Fleet. He named the cruiser Wilcox as his flagship. During the Zzenddi war he took part in the battle of Mars. He was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral and named Chief of Navy Operations during the disputed regency.   After the war ended, he was granted the title of "Knight of the Empire" and seen by most as a shoe-in to be the next Chief of the Imperial General Staff. When Admiral Pavantarr was killed during the Battle of Z-10, he was promoted to Chief of the Imperial General Staff and oversaw the post war rebuilding process.   He retired from active duty in 2485 and was granted a life-peerage by Emperor Krane.  

Business Career

Everann retired from active duty and joined the Board of Directors at Ashpool Heavy Industries, largely giving advice on procurement and recruitment. He was elevated to the role of CEO in 2490 but his run was marred by a difficult market after the Cobalt attacks caused a massive drop in the stock market.   Everann left his post as CEO of AHI in 2499 and began to talk about a potential career in politics.  


Despite never having affiliated with any political party during his military or business career, Lord Sickles began to be mentioned by some sources within the nascent Republic in 2499. Lord Sickles agreed that he would be a logical choice to serve as the first President of the Republic due to his experience in both military and business matters.   During press interviews, Sickles cultivated the image of a careful centrist politician but he was linked to the Hansa, with lots of deep connections to Ashpool Heavy Industries and also to Killian-Calburn.   Lord Sickles began to put together a skeleton campaign staff ready for the Republic's Presidential election in 2501 and he was seen by many as the favourite, enjoying the backing of many different factions.  

President of the Republic

Lord Sickles won the election after Dahlia Avender-Slade , who had polled the second highest total of votes, agreed that no recount was necessary. Lord Sickles was sworn in on July 10 2501. Lord Sickles formally moved to New Berlin in August 2501 and took up residence at the Parkway Hotel.   He named his first cabinet on August 11 2502 which included posts for Leander Ashpool, Lord Sydal Bluth and Dahlia Avander-Slade. He named family friend and Mars based lawyer Orwan Coverley as his Chief of Staff.   In his first major action as President, Lord Sickles backed offering military protection to Furnace which then joined the Republic, becoming its fifth member world.   In early 2505, Everann Sickles began to form his own political faction, referred to as "The Republicans". This center-right political party proposed a platform of a strong national defense, lower taxes and cooperation with the Hansa. Everann's son Hadden Sickles, was appointed to the chairmanship of the nascent political movement.   President Sickles administration was faced with major challenges from 2505 to 2509 with the crisis over Furnace propelling the Republic into a confrontation with the Karkouri Regime. The Republic stated its intent to resist but in the end, no significant resistance was offered and Furnace was cut off and besieged.   As the years went on, President Sickles health began to fail and he cut a number of increasingly rambling and disjointed speeches and was often unavailable for meetings. He confirmed in 2509 that he would not seek a second term for President and that he would not endorse a candidate in the 2510 election  

Post Presidency

In April of 2510, President Everann Sickles term came to an end. He was present during the General Assembly's session to vote in the new President.   After his term ended, Everann returned to his retirement on New Berlin outside the city of New Hamburg. He played no further role in politics.   Everann passed away in 2514 after an illness. His son, Hadden, gave the eulogy.

1st President of the Republic

2501 - 2510
2420 2514 94 years old
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2479 - 2530


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