Gurava was a major political party formed in the 25th century  


Gurava was a left wing political party first formed in 2485 as a reaction to the end of the Zzenddi War. Many Terrans felt that there had been too much violence and called for an environmentalist and pacifist political party to be formed.   "Gurava" was an Indirian word for peace and reconciliation.

Party Platform

Gurava was founded with the principles of environmentalism, pacifism and liberal values. Its platform eventually stabilized to be:  
  • Freedom of movement and expression for all citizens
  • Freedom from financial oppression. Housing, food and education are natural rights, not commodities
  • Pacifism: powerful fleets and armies do not protect people, only make war more likely
  • Environmentalism: the habitable worlds are a gift and should be protected and honoured


Gurava is not organized as a top down party and the local affiliate parties have a fair amount of leeway in how they are organized. The Federal Party makeup is open to elections every two years and it is in the party constitution that no one is allowed to be General Chairman for more than 4 years in a row.   The nearest to a national leader that Gurava has ever really had was representative Patton Rosewood. The incredibly charismatic former teacher was a somewhat reluctant politician but was elected to the General Assembly in 2520 and quickly became a powerful political figure, seeking the Presidency in 2530 and becoming a major figure in Republican politics   Ahead of the 2530 election, Gurava agreed to be part of a Joint-List with the Social Democratic Party . They renewed this affiliation in 2540 after serving in coalition with the SDP during the Averssen Presidency

Electoral Performance

  The General Assembly   The Senate
  • 2510- 1 Senator
  • 2520- 2 Senators
  • 2530- 1 Senator
  • 2540- 1 Senator
  • 2550- 


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