Gael Grumman

Lord Governor

Gael Grumman was a major political figure towards the end of the 25th Century and notable right-wing governor of Technopolis  

Early Life

Gael Grumman was born in 2455 at Kulden Hall, the Grumman family home on Technopolis. It's well known he lived a very comfortable and sheltered childhood, going to the best of schools and always encouraged to engage with sports and academic activities from a young age. Gael's early education was spent at an exclusive prep school on Technopolis where he nurtured a desire to join the Imperial Navy one day   Gael often spoke to those close to him of his tough relationship with his father, the infamous Kotek Grumman who would often remind him of their families betrayal of House Valane during the The 2459 Conclave and the fact that Gael should have grown up as the heir to the Imperial Throne.   Gael went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Cydonia College on Mars where he graduated in 2477. In his spare time he enjoyed training in dueling.

Military Service

Gael signed up to the Imperial Navy in 2478 during the times of the The State of Chaos and was assigned to serve on the East Fleet Staff. It wasn't long until Gaels skills and presence within the Navy caught him some recognition as he was placed under intense mentor ship by senior military figures who helped Gael quickly climb the ranks of the Imperial Navy; after only a year of active service Gael was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (JG) in 2479 and he was already being placed on prime assignments of key significance.   By the Battle of Z-10 Gael was serving as staff aide to Admiral Calqvist and was promoted to Lieutenant for his bravery during the battle.   By some accounts Gael was shaken to some degree from the events of the battle and many would argue the reasoning for him being assigned to the General Staff by Admiral Calqvist. Despite not being in active duty the Gael was put under the mentorship of the Admiral and became the admirals aide shortly after being promoted to Lt-Cmdr in 2484.   Gael was promoted to Commander in 2488 and to Captain in 2489


Whilst serving within the General staff and working in more of the business and political circles surrounding the Navy Gael was introduced to Dahlia Avander-Slade , the two of them got on very well and got married in a very lavish ceremony on Mars in 2485.   The two of them moved back to Kulden Hall on Technopolis to start a life together there, expensive renovations reported to be almost 1 Billion adjusted dollars where done at the property and rumors where spreading of grand parties that would happen at the private estate.    
"Gael is a rather hedonistic character who expends a vast amount of his families wealth in luxurious, wild parties, with excess of all sorts and to indulge his whims. I've seen Dahlia attend sometimes as well, she seems to have no issue with all the range of shameless behaviour that goes on behind the estates walls."   A local CEO of a New Berlin investment firm
  The two of them had 2 children together
  • Malik Grumman was born in 2485
  • Tarsem Avender-Slade was born in 2490

Political Career

Following the 'self de-activation' of his great-grandfather Abner Grumman in 2489 the running of House Grumman and Technopolis fell to Gael.   in 2490 Gael engaged in a duel with Hallam Tancredo. Some have argued the trained forty-five year old duelist against an old man 30 years his senior was an unfair match. Admiral Calqvist served as Gael's 2nd for the Duel.   As a politician, Gael was known for his staunch hatred against Burning Path and often campaigned to reduce the influence and support for Valtanism as much as possible. By 2485 the Grumman administration was openly hostile towards any support of Valtanism and were on the precipice of introducing mandatory ID cards for all Valtanist supporters, a measure that was leaked and later shelved when the Terran Empire collapsed.   Gael Grumman served as Treasurer for the Empire from 2490 - 2495 and was responsible for a very pro-corporate fiscal policy, providing tax breaks to stimulate the economy and giving out business loans to businesses affected by the loss of AI during the Cobalt attacks.

Later Life

When the Karkouri invasion of Terran Space began, Gael returned to active military duty, leaving the running of house affairs to his wife, Dahlia Avander-Slade . In 2498, facing overwhelming power Gael's task force where captured and he was taken under arrest by the Regime, being held on Vanheim.   Nothing was heard from Gael, and the Karkouri resisted any attempts at diplomacy to bring him back, with many assuming he was dead.   in 2518, nearly 20 years after his capture, a aging Gael Grumman returned to New Berlin. He weighed in on the side of the Koenigsburg Grumman’s in their court case against the Avander-Slades for control of the Grumman estates. On his return, he relinquished his claim as Lord Governor in favour of his Son, Malik Grumman becoming Premier of New Berlin. Gael remained as head of the house with Malik serving as regent.


Gael Grumman


Towards Dahlia Avander-Slade

Dahlia Avander-Slade


Towards Gael Grumman

Year of Birth
2455 105 Years old
Kulden Hall, Technopolis
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