Malik Grumman

Malik Grumman was a political figure from the 26th Century.

Early Life

Malik was born in 2485 to his parents Gael Grumman and Dahlia Avander-Slade in 2485 on New Berlin . From a young age Malik benefitted from his families wealth and position in society, receiving the best education and tutoring growing up. He studied law at college on New Berlin and with the help of intense private tutoring graduated in the top quarter of graduates.

Later in his adult life after being questioned by the press regarding his childhood, Malik spoke about his poor relationship with his parents with most of his childhood spent in the care of private tutors and House Grumman staff looking after him.  

Law Career

After graduating, he stayed on New Berlin and took up a post as a prosecuting attorney, working under the Attorney General's office and gaining experience in small and medium trial cases; he later went onto working as a prosecutor and was known for his solid reputation within the New Berlin Courts.  

Personal Life

  In 2415, Malik married fellow lawyer, Elaine Wennham in a small and understated ceremony on New Berlin, the two later married and went on to have 3 children.
  • Reiner Abner Grumman - Born 2515
  • Dahlia Grumman - Born 2520
  • Charlotte Grumman - Born 2523
  Malik made the decision, in 2524 to move his family out from Kulden Hall to a new permanent penthouse residence within New Hamburg, the first Governor to live within the city since Abner Grumman in the early days of The Terran Empire    

Early Premiership and Creed Administration

Malik was chosen as Premiere for New Berlin, succeeding his uncle, Ostor Grumman, upon the return of his father Gael Grumman to Terran Space at the age of 35. Malik was also chosen as regent for house Grumman during this time.   Malik's Premier Address (optional)
To my colleagues throughout Terran Space   I write to you from the Governor's desk on New Berlin, a desk that has seen many decisions and communications be signed off that have changed the course of my home; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. I am honoured to now take on the position of Premier and be trusted to steer New Berlin to continued growth and prosperity as part of our republic going forward.   New Berlin has a proud history for being a centre of political discussion and today make a commitment to expanding the political sphere further by opening up New Berlin’s 2nd senate seat to be elected democratically, no longer chosen by the Premier. Building from this I will be engaging with the various political parties on the planet to ensure that we can put aside differences to work together for the betterment of the planet. Previous Governors have ruled this planet using intimidation, I intend to lead with co-operation. Some would say my stance on issues is rather centrist, but I remain committed to preserving stability and growth for our people’s regardless of politics. Going into this next election I shall stand in support of the Destiny party who I believe lay the best framework for growing the economic and societal progress this Republic needs.   I stand proud to be one of a fledgling generation who grew up throughout a period of instability and had to create our own future as the very Empire we grew up in crumbled around us and I am excited to see us now enter these key leadership positions, bringing with us renewed ideas for the Terran people. The recent words of Selwyn Tancredo are signs that this generation cares about moving forwards and I look forward to speaking to him, alongside many others, in how we can bridge the gaps between divided cultures and bring Terrans together for the sake of progress and prosperity. Many of us have seen first hand the horrors of war and conflict and I have lived with the consequences of being without my father for the majority of my life due to his commitment to serving in the Imperial fleet. Whilst I support the need to protect ourselves against foreign aggression I shall be doing all I can within my power to push for the unification of the Terran people through diplomatic needs.   Finally, to mark this moment I shall be personally funding a state of the art, orbital mass transit hub in the New Berlin system to better connect and encourage trade and travel between other systems and New Berlin’s thriving economy. The hub shall be dedicated to the memory of my great-grandfather, Lord Abner Grumman, a man who did so much as to further the advance of New Berlin and the Terran people as a whole through his support for the development of AI and TND technology.   I look forward to meeting you all properly in due course, my mother has told me great things of you all.   Sincerely, Premiere Grumman

Malik began his premiership with bold promises of both building unity on the planet and committing massive investments of his families wealth into improving the system, his first major move in the world of politics was to back New Berlin Businessman, Dorsey Greyfort, for the Destiny parties presidential nominee in the 2520 Republic election. Destiny suffered from a lower turnout in the elections, especially on New Berlin. The election was only the start of a difficult introduction to politics as cracks began to show within the Destiny party between Malik, and party leader Leander Ashpool ultimately resulting in Malik's departure from Destiny and joining with the Social Democrats.   Malik was quickly elevated within party ranks, to the annoyance of some long term party members who viewed his prerational treatment in the party as a direct result of his wealth, being assigned as Treasury Secretary. In his post Malik oversaw a a budget that carefully balanced the wants of the Social Democrats with the necessary funding required to continue the conflict on Nova Terra. Back at home, Malik's experience in the treasury allowed him to better manage the economic upturn on New Berlin, the recent construction of the New Berlin Mass Transit hub had seen.   In late 2524, Malik Grumman made headlines in a surprise move when he called for the creation of the office Lieutenant-Premier, to take up the slack of the planet's governance while the Premier is away. This role will be subject to election to a ten year term, with the first election taking place in. Whilst many, especially the SPD, where in support of the measure, vocal critics of house Grumman argued this was a distraction from the real issue of the Premiership even existing.  

The Lt-Premier Vote

President Creed's 3rd Cabinet reshuffle in 2525 saw Malik, alongside the rest of the cabinet, resign in a move to restore some better trust and co-operation within the Cabinet. Whilst not as heavily involved in the negotiations for positions as some of his Peers, Malik took this opportunity to create closer ties within the SDP and focus his politicking efforts closer to home. It was during this time that Malik also grew closer to his Uncle, Kentan Sondeheim . Since the passing of his father and with the political disagreements with his own mother Malik often found council with his Uncle and the two would often meet throughout many times of the year.   With the Cabinet Reshuffle came a by-election to replace New Berlin's 2nd Senate seat after previous independent Senator, Gunther Ross, was moved to the Cabinet as minster of Defence. The resulting election for both the 2nd Senate Seat and Lt-Premier was a hard fought fight that pitted The Social Democratic Party campaign spending against impressive grassroots campaigning from the Isolationists that resulted in the brash yet charismatic Gerhardt McCain representing the Isolationist party views in the position of Lt-Premier. Whilst Malik made no public comment press images from the time documented many stressed meetings with SDP Chair Gawain Knottman following the weeks after the result.  

SDP Chairman

In late 2529, in the followup to the pivotal 2530 Republic Elections Malik took the position of Chairman for the Social Democratic Party in which he oversaw a fairly sucessful election in which the party won the Presidency with their nomination of President Noah Averssen despite loosing both Senate and House seats. During the escalation of the widespread conflict happening in the quadrant at the time, Malik remained vocal in his opposition to the conflict, only committing New Berlin's fleet to defensive operations on the Dhau-Terran Border under the command of Sword of Liberty.   Despite working from New Berlin, Malik oversaw a lot of political activity co-ordinating SDP proposals throughout the Aversson administration; In 2533 the SDP introduced two divisive bills into the General Assembly. One of them would guarantee teacher tenure on Republic worlds that already had the institution and introduce to worlds without. The bill was very popular on the left and with the Teacher's Union, though Valiant members pointed out that the Teachers Union was a key donor to the SDP, The other bill would introduce a minimum wage of five adjusted dollars and twenty five cents per hour across the Republic. Again this faced opposition on the right as a "business killer". Meanwhile, on planet, Govenor Malik sucessfully lobbied the legislator to pass a four billion adjusted dollar procurement bill to increase education standards across the planet, catapulting the standard of Education on New Berlin to being the top within the Republic.   Malik's relationship with the party at this time was effective, yet strained, with some of the parties left criticising his approach to move the party to the centre although Malik's enthusiastic endorsement of left leaning, reform pushing, Osetta Marcola for the New Berlin Lt-Premiere vote of 2535 did calm down growing divisions within the party.   Following the 'Governors Bill', a bill that will require all political offices, above the level of city-council, to be democratically elected, being passed in the General Assembley; Malik released a statement detailing the final five years of his premiership before the position became democratically elected.   Malik's Statement following the Governor's Bill(optional)
To dear friends across Terran Space. Today is an exciting day. Following the recent Governors Bill passed, I announce that the position of Governor of New Berlin will be fully democratically elected in the upcoming Governor election cycle in 2540. This move sees the final stage of the reinvigoration of New Berlin since I took on this role over 15 years ago.   I am immensely proud at what we have achieved working alongside the people of New Berlin in this time, from a huge investment in our system transit hub, expansion of our defensive fleet systems, the safe sheltering of over 400,000 Tranoan refugees and massive investments and improvements to our education systems to name a few. New Berlin now shines bright in the stars as the jewel of the Republic thanks to everyone of its citizens.   Over the next 5 years, I will be working alongside our next Lt-Premier to develop a smooth transition of power, delegating more key powers to them in this time and working closely with the Planetary Legislator to pass through long awaited social programmes and key investments on the planet to ensure New Berlin sets the example of how a modern society should be. I will be using more of House Grumman’s funds to help kickstart these initiatives.   I would also like to spend a moment to appreciate our brothers and sisters on Celeste. The planet has now blossomed into something that I knew my family had always hoped for ever since efforts to start the community began with my great-grandfather Drake Grumman alongside ADVANCE in 2454. This is proof that in the face of adversity we must always look out for all of those in society and continue to build for our children.   I shall still be continuing my efforts within the SDP and the greater Terran political world to carry on this progress, and work towards a peaceful, and stable united Terran space.   Here is to our exciting new chapter. Malik Grumman

Going into Averssons 2nd Half of his term in 2535, Malik experienced a whirlwind following 5 years as head of the SDP as he was in the centre of the parties successes and major gaffs. Going into this period Malik brought forward a proposed treaty with the Tazzyn to the cabinet, and after many discussions the measure passed the Senate with the support of the Centrist Party. Celebrations where cut short as allegations arose of the SDP exchanging campaign donations for Cabinet seats, causing the Independent Senator Inkerman of Earth to chair a special senate investigation into the matter. Malik, along with key members of the Cabinet are called into testify in the hearings. It was noted at the time that Inkerman was especially fiery in his investigation into Malik, bringing up House Grumman's supposed family connections to the healthcare industry which could mean a conflict of interest with the SDP's health and social care spending. The Family member in question here was Nova Valane , his father's cousin.   Malik then accompanied President Averssen to a Pro-Republic tour of Whitworth, in an attempt to drum up support for the planet in joining the Republic before heading to the sol system to finalise negotiations, alongside the The Antares Federation's foreign Minister Elbar Sondeheim, with TASC in bringing an end to the Gannid occupation of Terran Worlds.  

Later Life


Corporate Links

Malik inherited House Grumman's share of LGD Gamma and often expressed his interest in supporting development through technology and Infrastructure.    

Relationship with Valtanism

Whilst the Grumman family historically took a hostile view towards Valtanism , Malik Grumman began to make reparations on the planet, starting with a landmark bill passed by the New Berlin Legislator that granted Tax Exemption to Valtanist places of worship.


Malik Grumman


Towards Elaine Wennham

Elaine Wennham


Towards Malik Grumman

Current Location
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2485 65 Years old
Kulden Hall, New Berlin
Elaine Wennham (spouse)
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Kulden Hall, New Berlin
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