Centrist Party

The Centrist Party (sometimes referred to as the Centrist Coalition) was a major Terran political party in the 25th and 26th centuries  


The Centrist Party had existed in some guise since the year 2445 as a part of the Imperial Parliament and also claimed affiliations across various planetary level elections on many worlds. The Centrist Party (or Centrist Coalition) was a major political party in the founding of the Terran Republic.  

Party Platform

The Centrist Party was founded with a moderate and pragmatic party platform and could be categorized as socially liberal but fiscally conservative
  • Supporting a strong national defence, used for defence and not for aggression
  • Pro-corporate and pro-trade
  • For lower taxes wherever possible
  • Supporting the rule of law
  • Opposing needless bureaucracy


The Centrist Party of the Republic was managed by a party executive and a chairman, though the chairman's powers were fairly nominal.   The Centrist Party tends to rally behind its party's nominee for President and therefore they are generally considered leader of the party.

Electoral Performance

The Centrist Party was very active raising funds during the 2510 election and nominated lawyer Addison Morley for President. However, they were unable to get into a position to seriously dictate for the Presidency and entered into a moderate coalition with the Destiny Party and Social Democratic Party .   The Centrists also contested the 2520 election and whilst their nominee, Keavett Creed was another corporate lawyer, they failed to make much more impression coming home with around 10% of the vote in the General Assembly. However, Creed and his team were able to stonewall the Social Democrats and used the fear of an Isolationist Presidency to get them to agree to back a Centrist President.   The Centrists went into the 2530 electoral cycle with a great deal of fear, thanks to the rock bottom polls for President Creed. However, their nominee, Rep Samantha Trevonne successfully distanced the party from the former President and successful campaigning and fund-raising saw the Centrists hold their vote share. The Centrist Party backed the SDP led coalition in 2530 and Carpenter Navarro was named as Treasury Secretary.   General Assembly Votes:
  • 2510 - 16%
  • 2520 - 10%
  • 2530 - 10%
Senators Elected:
  • 2510 - 1
  • 2520- 0
  • 2530 -0


In 2540, the Centrist Party announced a formal merger with Vishnu Elpis, forming a new moderate party in the centre-ground of Republic politics.

2445 - 2540

Successor Organization

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