Martian Mountain Assault Regiment

The Martian Mountain Assault Regiment (the 55th Regiment of the Martian Marine Corps) was an elite military unit founded in the early 26th century  


The 55th Regiment of the Martian Marine Corps was founded in 2510 on Mars after an expansion to the Martian military agreed by House Valane and the planetary legislature.   Founded as a Marine Rifle Regiment, it was designed as a "Detached Duty" unit and given special training status. The original formation of 975 marines was given first pick of trainees and given extensive training and additional equipment.   Included in its training staff was Major Devarr Wallace, a former Recon Marine from the Imperial Marine Corps. He was considered vital to the training standards of the newly formed regiment.  

Training & Selection

Any marine or soldier in the Martian military can apply to join the 55th Marine Regiment. The 55th runs a special selection process referred to as "Sift Exercise 10" which takes 72 hours and tends to see a 50% drop out rate.   After that, a full selection process takes eight weeks with around 75% of all trainees unable to complete or being "recycled" into a later intake.   Martian Intelligence Services runs a full background check on all candidates during selection.   Once marines have completed selection they'll take part in four specialist training camps and the drop out rate is far lower
  • Airborne Assault Training: all trainees spend four weeks at Camp Preying Mantis taking part in dropship training, shuttle training and airborne deployment training using grav-chutes
  • Specialist Weapons Training: all trainees spend eight weeks at Camp Falcon taking part in specialist weapons training where they'll learn to use sniper rifles, heavy weapons including missile launchers, rail-guns and meson weapons.
  • Close Quarters Battle Training: all trainees spend four weeks at Winchester "Campus" where they'll take part in shooting drills and CQB training. This training course also teaches handgun training and hand to hand combat training
  • Mountain Warfare Training: all trainees spend ten weeks at Fort Austin and then six weeks at Fort Corrigan where they will learn mountain warfare training and take part in grueling thirty kilometre treks during the Martian winter. Mountain Warfare Training also sees the trainees learn survival techniques and long range patrol training
Once all four courses are completed, all marines gain the black-steel unit pin that designates them as members of the 55th.   On parade, marines from the 55th have the right to wear a dark red watch-cap.

Elite Status

The 55th was considered an elite specialist unit from its first formation but its "elite status" was disputed by a number of other officers within the Martian Marine Corps who felt that whilst the 55th was given the best trainees and equipment, it was not that much better than an average unit.   However, the 55th consistently outperformed other units during exercises and drills. During Operation Desert Hammer in 2519, a battalion of the 55th took down the HQ of an entire brigade including the 7th, 20th and 66th Marine Regiments during an exercise.   The 55th further proved itself when a fire-team from the 55th was deployed to take down a hostage situation in Bradbury City and managed to do so without losing a single marine or hostage.   Marines from the 55th are often seconded to work as part of the close protection detail of the Governor, the Lt-Governor and the Secretary of Defense.


The 55th Regiment is considered a detached duty marine unit and is therefore not officially part of a larger regiment. It's command HQ is the 10th Special Operations Brigade which consists only of the 55th Regiment and the notional 102nd Regiment.   The 55th Regiment consists of 9 individual companies formed into three battalions. The First Battalion (Mountain Lions) is the HQ element. The Second Battalion (Mountain Wolves) is the long-range patrol element. The Third Battalion (Black Daggers) are the heavy weapons element.   The 55th's HQ is based in Sancrist City based out of Fort Whirry.   During peacetime, the 55th has a strength of 995 marines including 75 officers and 920 enlisted personnel.

Commanding Officers

The billet of the commanding officer of the 55th Regiment is for a Colonel in the Martian marine corps.   Previous CO's of the 55th Regiment:
  • Colonel Zishattar -2510-2525
  • Colonel Rueban Bexhar -2525-2532
  • Colonel Mandy Hawkes -2532


Operation Jungle-Shark The 55th were deployed to support the Martian Marine corps as a part of Operation Jungle Shark on Whitworth.  Largely operating in a scouting and raiding capacity, the 55th took part in dozens of raids and long distance patrols against Salborian troops    During a skirmish in June of 2532, Colonel Bexhar, the CO of the Regiment, was killed in action.  He was awarded the Black Circlet for Clandestine operators by the Marian military and was the first CO of the unit to be killed in action.  Major Mandy Hawkes (later promoted to Colonel) took over as the CO   Operation Sledgehammer The 55th were then deployed to Vanheim to be a part of Operation Sledgehammer.  They largely provided recon, sniper cover and intelligence operations and were not a part of the direct assaults on Knifehand or Aesir City, though they did assist with sniper cover during these attacks.

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