Ravenheart were a major political party founded in the late 25th century  


Ravenheart was founded in 2460 as a reaction to the growth and rising influence of sentient AI in the Terran sphere. A @Valtanist party, Ravenheart eschewed many of the normally liberal views of the faith and instead expressed a strongly conservative ideology, with a deep opposition to the growth of AI and to the use of TND technology.  

Party Platform

Ravenheart was initially founded as a, more or less, one issue party. Over time it has solidified its platform as a right-wing reactionary party  
  • Strongly opposed to the growth and influence of sentient AIs
  • Strongly opposed to equal rights for AIs and other "artificial" citizens
  • Strongly opposed to the use of TND and other mind scanning technology
  • Somewhat opposed to full human cloning
  • Supports a strong military
  • Supports low taxes
  • Generally pro Hansa


Ravenheart was initially run from its coordinating committee but over time, as it became a bigger and more successful party, it formed into a traditionally run party with a Federal executive and a chairman   The chairman of Ravenheart enjoys considerable power over the party but can only serve a single five year term before having to take a five year break. This has lead to some chairperson's serving several non-consecutive terms

Links to Burning Path

Due to their similar goals and some cross-over in membership, Ravenheart has long been associated with Burning Path . This is despite Burning Path's status as an illegal terrorist movement.   Ravenheart has often gone out of its way to distance itself from Burning Path. However, the political victory of Ravenheart on Nova Terra after the so-called "Burning Coup" has somewhat legitimized Burning Path and made the connection less politically toxic.  

Electoral Performance

Ravenheart's primary political base has been on Nova Terra where they were victorious in the gubernational and legislative elections in 2530. Governor Ragnar Roeburn proved to be a vocal and powerful figure in the party and helped give the party a base, media visibility and powerful fund-raising   Ravenheart has generally struggled to carve out a niche elsewhere, attracting only fringe or religious conservatives on other worlds.   Ravenheart was part of a Joint-list with Valiant Party in 2530 and then part of a "strategic understanding" in 2540.   Outside of the Republic, Ravenheart has seen some success on planets like Mars and St Lawrence  

General Assembly


  • 2510 - Zero senators
  • 2520- Zero senators
  • 2530 -One Senator
  • 2540 -One Senator
  • 2550 -One Senator

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