Nova Terra

Founded as the "bread basket" of the Federation, Nova Terra was originally a farming outpost with a huge number of farms, ranches and ag-business. Eventually is economy diversified to make it a successful and populous colony.    


Founded 2082, Nova Terra was considered one of the most likely prospects for colonisation. A large, Earth like world with fertile plains, lush jungles and deep, pure oceans, Nova Terra seemed perfect.   The first colonists reported back that Nova Terra was almost as perfect as expected. Whilst the planet had its share of hostile native life (the dreaded Nova Bear and Fire Ape among the most deadly), Nova Terra had few of the problems that beset St Lawrence nor the dangerous climate of Vanheim.   Nova Terra quickly became the "bread basket" of the Federation, expending rapidly and attracting corporations and ag-businesses.   Nova Terra was a key part of the Federation and then the Confederate Union. It was also a major progressive voice within the Federated States.   During the days of the Empire, Nova Terra was fief to House Maquessa and one of the most liberal worlds in the Empire, gaining a deserved reputation as a utopian paradise with high standards of living.   After the collapse of the Empire, Nova Terra joined the Republic.  


As of 2520, Nova Terra is home to 697 million people.
  • 630 million Terrans
  • 67 million Indirians
  • 110,000 other races
Government Nova Terra is ruled by a planetary legislature, elected on every five years. The legislature offers advice and oversight to the Governor and their cabinet.   Politics on Nova Terra tended to tilt quite strongly to the left and the legislature was largely dominated by various left-wing parties   During the time of the Republic, the Federalist Party, the Social Democratic Party and Gurava were particularly popular on Nova Terra.  

Governor of Nova Terra

The first governors of Nova Terra were appointed by the government on Earth while it was part of the Terran Federation.   In the 2130s, Nova Terra was permitted to elect its own Governors, somewhat later than some of the other colonies.   After the imperial coup, the governorship of Nova Terra was made the hereditary seat of House Maquessa   After the apparent destruction of House Maquessa in the Burning Coup, the governorship was somewhat in flux    
  1. Lord Troy Maqussa -2370-2460
  2. Lord Leopold Maquessa - 2460-2475
  3. Lord Elyon Maquessa - 2475-2490
  4. Lord Arden Maquessa - 2490-2514
  5. Prince Clay Tancredo -2514-2515
  6. Disputed -2515-2530
  7. Ragnar Roeburn (Ravenheart)-2530-

The Burning Coup

In 2513, Burning Path staged a massive and hugely effective coup on Nova Terra, seizing control of the capital, the downport and razing the Maquessa palace in Port Wellington to the ground apparently wiping out House Maquessa.   Burning Path's militia, numbering over 250,000 militants, defeated the planets garrison and militia and sieged the Republic's military HQ on the planet, forcing its surrender.   The Burning Coup, as it was later fereffered, became a flash-point between the Republic and the Free Worlds Pact. The Burning Path leadership named Prince Clay Tancredo as their governor but his reign ended quickly with his initial decision to abdicate, facing trial and then his assassination.  

The Port Washington Armistice

After exhaustive talks between the leadership of the provisional Nova Terra government and the Republic with Burning Path and the representatives of the People’s Government of Nova Terra have resulted in a successful armistice between the two warring factions on the planet.   The terms of the agreement were:
  • All combat between both sides cease immediately
  • All forces pull back to demarcation zones• Governance within those zones to stay with current faction
  • A full prisoner exchange
  • The blockade will cease but ships to be inspected for weapons and arms by a joint taskforce from both factions
  • An election to take place in 2530 for the new Governor Nova Terra, as well as the election of a full slate of members of the General Assembly, the Republic Senate and the Colonial Legislature•
  • No matter what the outcome of the above, Nova Terra is not permitted to leave the Republic
  As a part of this agreement, Strategic Dynamics has pulled its forces off-world, leaving planetary security to the forces of the Republic, the Solarin Legion and the Army of Nova Terra.   The war on Nova Terra, which began in 2513 after the so-Called “Burning Coup” has claimed the lives of over 600,000 people and cost tens of billions of adjusted dollars.   With the election of Ragnar Roeburn and the Ravenheart party winning a majority of the planet's seats in the Colonial Legislature it was felt that this has largely exonerated Burning Path and put an end to the conflict there.  

Local Fauna

Nova Terra is home to many intriguing and unique local animals, several of whom are subject to what is referred to as "Nova Terra Hyper-Size" syndrome (NTHS).   The largest and most impressive of these are:
  • Nova Bear - essentially a massive version of Earth's brown bear, the Nova Bear is very hostile and territorial, though it does not generally consider humans to be part of its diet. Nova Bears are hugely strong and have been seen to fling cars and other vehicles with little effort. They are protected by planetary law and very limited hunting licenses are granted each year
  • Fire Ape - standing around nine feet tall and deceptively quick, the black and red Fire-Ape is one of Nova Terra's largest and most impressive animals. Territorial but vegetarian, its behavior is somewhat more aggressive than that of the Earth gorilla but similar in nature. Fire Apes are protected by law and it is illegal to kill one unless in self defence
  • Jaston's Condor - with a massive wingspan of nineteen feet, the huge Jaston's Condor are only seen in the far north. These majestic animals have no natural predators and have been known to snatch pets and even children. They are protected by law and its illegal to kill one for any reason.
  • Golvord's Grazer - unique to Nova Terra, the Golvord's Grazer is a vast, thirty feet animal resembling somewhere between a Sloth and a diplodocus. Harmless, unless startled or protecting its young, it is generally immune to predators due to its huge size. Protected by local law but poached in small numbers
  • Sawmill Leviathan - related distantly to the Earth whale, the Sawmill Leviathan reaches maximum sizes of around 95 metres and is a truly staggering sight in the deep oceans. Generally harmless and gentle, it tends to dwell at extreme depths, coming up to breathe and care for its young. Whaled during the early days of the colony, protection orders were put in due to the unknown numbers and it is illegal to harm a Leviathan

Key Places


Port Wellington

The capital of Nova Terra was the site of the first major colony on the planet and the downport. Built into a huge fertile plain that overlooked Lake Callaghan, Port Wellington grew up around the downport and the landing site, eventually transforming from a huddled collections of modules and huts into a massive modern city.   Port Wellington is famous as a seat of government and also as a place of learning and culture, with two major colleges and several major and highly regarded hospitals.   Port Wellington was also something of a commercial hub, with several major corporations building offices and key sites there. West-Corp, later Allied West , was one of the key founders of the planets downport.   Port Wellington was also home to the Republic's military HQ.  

Perry Heights

Perry Heights was a mid-sized city, founded in the foothills of Oakriver. Perry Heights is known to be a picturesque place, with thriving farms and ranches all around it and the city spread over a large area.   Quality of life is very high in Perry Heights and it is one of the most desirable locations to live in on the entire planet.   Perry Heights is home to two major colleges and several other famed hospitals and teaching facilities   The Perry Heights Liberators Airball team has a stadium there.  

Fort Jefferson

Fort Jefferson was an early colony that never quite became a major city. Founded in the northern continent, Fort Jefferson was initially meant as a military outpost and trading base.   After the collapse of the Terran Federation, Fort Jefferson's military base was closed and only reopened during the time of the Terran Empire. This caused the town that depended on it to somewhat waste away, though never quite fall into full decline.   Fort Jefferson is home to a highly regarded Valtinist college.  

Wheeling City

Wheeling City is the largest city on Nova Terra and the corporate hub of the planet. A sprawling metropolis of 10 million people, Wheeling City is home to the planets primary media and banking establishments as well as the planetary HQ for major corporations such as VENTRISS UDC and Proteus KP   Wheeling City once had a very high crime-rate and a deployment of rangers during the days of the Federation helped to bring this down.   Thanks to sensible investment by House Maquessa, Wheeling expended its housing stock and made better use of local jobs and transport links and enjoys a very high quality of life.   Wheeling City is home to the Wheeling City Jackdaws and the Wheeling City Outlaws airball teams.  

New Durban

New Durban was founded in the early 2100s as a major expansion point, largely funded by IronWorks who helped build a major factory complex that fed the city.   However, when IronWorks collapsed, the city found new work in farming and lumber, harvesting the Steelshire Forrest.   Enviromental controls brought in the 2270s reduced this trade and New Durban suffered a serious decline until it bounced back in the 2350s thanks to major investment. The foundation of a major new downport and tech hub helped the city rebound in a big way. Allied West moved a major site to New Durban.   New Durban is home to the New Durban AxeHeads airball team  

New Hong Kong

The ambitious port-city of New Hong Kong was founded in 2099 to fish the huge EagleMark Ocean. Trawlers and small fishing ships are constantly seen plying the massive ocean.   Environmental controls brought in the 2250s reduced trade but the fisheries never quite went into decline. The city attempted to fund its own downport but it fell into disuse and then was badly damaged during the Zzenddi invasion.   New Hong Kong is home to several major corporate outposts.   New Hong Kong is the home city of the New Hong Kong Gladiators airball team  

The Okala Valley

The Okala Valley is the famed fertile crecsent that extends for a staggering six hundred miles in all directions and was home to massive amounts of farming and ag-business during the 21st and 22nd century.   After over-farming and some collapse in the local eco-system, the Okala Valley Safety Program was brought in by the local legislature in 2290.   The Okala Valley is still home to many farms and ranches but businesses there are forced to diversify and to allow areas to recover. There is a maximum of 35% of the Valley that can be used for agriculture at any one time  

Skylark Natural Parks

Skylark Natural Parks is a massive area of 5 thousand square miles of untouched nature preserve in the southern continent. It is home to huge numbers of local animals and a hugely popular tourist attraction.   During the days of the Empire, Recon Marines would often be deployed to the park to take part in anti-poaching operations but poaching has all but been erradicated.
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