Isolationist Party

The Isolationist Party was a major political party in Terran space formed in the late 25th century  


The Isolationist Party was formed during the time of the The Terran Empire as a radical right-wing party, opposed to "hostile alien influence" on the Terran people. It struggled to win seats during the days of the Imperial Parliament and initially struggled to win seats in the Republic but, over time, managed to carve out a niche as a conservative political party, often considered to be the most conservative in Terran politics  

Party Platform

The Isolationist Party platform, as of the 2540 election, was:
  • Strong support for national defence
  • Low taxes wherever possible
  • Opposition to invasive alien influence
  • Opposition to binding treaties
  • Pro-Terran (though this does not mean pro-human)
  • Protectionist on trade
  • Generally opposed to centralization of power
Political scholars in the Republic considered the Isolationist platform to be the second most conservative in the 2540 election, behind Ravenheart.


The Isolationist Party is run from the top down with a chairman who is elected by the party's senior leadership, a somewhat elusive electoral college who get to vote on the new chairman. The chairman generally is in charge of fund-raising, strategy and candidate selection   The chairman also leads the Isolationist Party Strategic Council (IPSC) which includes the floor-leader from the General Assembly and other senior members of the party.  

Electoral Performance

The Isolationist Party has generally been stronger in the Republic than in the Federation, though for a short while it did carve out a niche on Mars.   The Isolationist Party was part of a "joint-list with Valiant Party in 2530, 2540 and 2550.

General Assembly


  • 2510 - 0 Senators
  • 2520 - 0 Senators
  • 2530 - 0 Senators
  • 2540 - 0 Senators
  • 2550 - 5 Senators


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