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Central Islands (Pairate Aislands)


The Remote Islands are located in the center of Lindrinor's equator. To the north-east is located the Adwana continent, while the Akinaber and the Djorona continents can be found on the islands' south-east. The Northern Islands are located in the north and north-west and Mother Island is south-east of the Remote Islands.


  • (-17000 - -6500) In the Derrotian Age the Remote Islands were called Durantia's Sanctuary and it was widely inhabited by many Sea Elves 
  • (-6500) Around this year, the The Patricide War occured, which greatly devastated Durantia's Sanctuary, leaving only graveyards and ruins to tell the story
  • (-6500 - -1500) These islands were uninhabited for 5 thousand years.
  • (-1500 - 0) The islands started being colonized once again after the Derrotian Dinasty were dismantled and the new government of Heim decided to re-colonize the area. Many humans Descendants of Donathar also came to live here
  • (94 - 105) The Central Islands were a big stage of Amled's War Against the Living. Since these islands were a strategic region for both the living and Amled, it was a constant place of fights and battles. The Undying sent his faithful High General Entrenius to conquer the region, while Aliantar Boabaid was the leader of The Living Alliance in the region. The two's armies fought many battles for many years until Trevor finally bested his rival
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The Center of the World; The Pirate Islands
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