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Lord Fayes Lor-Akar's Mausoleum

This is a level 3/4 building.

Purpose / Function

This mausoleum was created to house the dead body of Lord Fayes Lor-Akar and his wife.


There's only one entry to the Mausoleum.


There are no living denizens in this mausoleum. Only dead ones, like the spirit of Lord Fayes' himself.


In the Lord's wife room, there's a chest that can be pick locked (DC 17). Inside it, there are 100 BEC, two gold goblets with ten emerald stones (200 BEC each) and a frost brand. The coffin contains a tiara with ruby stones (worth 250 gp)   Inside the Lord's tomb there's 250 BEC, a bottle of Gnomish Ghost (1000 BEC) and an Absorbant Shield.

Hazards & Traps

In the corridor before the Lord's tomb room, there are several hidden spikes spread across the floor.


The Mausoleum is a Derrotian Mausoleums and has six totally rectangular rooms. The floor is partially flooded (30 cm) due to a leak in the third room. The walls are constructed with Magical Brick and several pillars sustain the whole mausoleum.   The first one is a small corridor in which the only entrance resides. There's a door that has a rune cut on it. Its a level 6 "Summon Elementals" spell. It activates if the Elvish word "Holandamba (Activate)" is spoken or if someone suceeds in dispelling the magic.   The second room is a large quadrangular area in which four pillars sustain the place. In case the previous door rune gets activated, four Minor Elementals are summoned and immediately attacks any trespassers.   The third room is also a quadrangular area. There's a hidden door on the northern wall that leads to Lord Fayes Lor-Akar wife's tomb and a successful DC 17 perception check (a player has advantage in the roll if they are actively looking for hidden doors) reveals it. On the southern wall, there's a door that leads to the Lord's tomb. Beside it, there are a couple of statues of the late King Alentar Lor-Arak, the Valiant. Just by the western wall, there's a vase with a History Orb inside it. This particular orb has the full history of House Lor-Akar.   The fourth room (wife's tomb) is a rectangular area that holds a coffin on the northern part. To the west, there's an ornamental chest.   The fifth room (corridor to the lord's tomb room) is a rectangular room filled with several Hidden Floor Spikes. Besides the western door, there's also a couple of Alentar's statues.   The sixth and last room is Fayes' tomb room. It is rectangular and the magical bricks of the walls are painted black. There are several torches spread arround the walls and besides the Lord's coffin (located in the western part, a top a small staircase made of Void Brick).


The construction of this particular Derrotian Mausoleum started in 12351 and finished in 12368 BBE.
Founding Date
12368 BBE
Room, Religious, Mausoleum
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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