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Ruined Derrontian Fort

> 0 - Tower and Walls 0 - Courtyard -1 - Corridor -2 - Arcane Chamber This place was used to contain magical spells that would be cast during battles -3 - Prison The deepest floor was used as a small prison and torture chamber

Purpose / Function

This fort was built to serve as a defensive building against the orcish forces that fought in the The Patricide War that wanted to take Vorminwroth and all the other villages and towns of the Central Islands.


Cultist Chest: 109 cp, 72 sp, 48 gp, 7 pp. One potion of healing and an scroll of Misty Step.


Built-in the year that the Patricide War started, this fort allowed the sea elves of Vorminwroth to resist the frequent orcish horde attacks. However, 15 years later it was finally taken and the city went along with it. Like many others in the village, it is now in complete ruins. Although, the main structure still stands.
6763 BBE
Founding Date
6778 BBE
Parent Location
Characters in Location


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