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The Patricide War

The Conflict


Heim has always been famous for its slavery. In the first half of the 1st decade, the Orcs and Goblins were the main victims of this trade. Although they weren't legally slaves, their clans were vassals of the elvish houses and they were obliged to do their bidding. They weren't happy with that arrangement, as expected, but the harsh grip of the elves did not allow them to protest or try to seek freedom.


The Patricide was killed, the orcs' and goblins' clans earned their freedom and the kingdom of Orthanc was founded.


Almost all goblins' and orcs' clans were freed from the control of the elves and they moved to Olda-Bana, their continent of origin. They are nowadays a mysterious powerful isolated country.

Historical Significance

After some millennia of injustice, the heir of Clan Parmant, Ogro-Parmant, killed his father, took control of his clan, and started an uprising against the elves. His forces first raided and destroyed all of the villages, towns and cities along the region known as Central Islands. After that...
Conflict Type
Start Date
6567 BBE
Ending Date
6498 BBE


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