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Captain Red Robe's Alcove

Red Robe's alcove is a island located in the center of the Remote Islands. It is a large and spacious cave.

Purpose / Function

Red Robes' alcove is used as a warehouse for stolen goods and a safe place for Irines' crew to gather.


Red Robe's Treasure Chest: 100 gp, seven Sapphires, two Emeralds, three Rubies, two potions of healing, a Drunken Compass and a letter from her mother   Trade goods: A thousand bottles of Thin River, 100 kg of Shark Skin and 10 tons of Whale Oil.   Pirate Crew: Each Shiv has 1d6 gp and the Captain has 5d6 gp. She also has a couple of scimitars, a dagger +1 and a studded leather armor.


There's a Small Regular Cannon on the outside of the alcove that the Shivs use to defend the beach.
Founding Date
174 ABE
Warehouse, Commercial
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Compartment of Vehicle
Owning Organization


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