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Rusty Shivs

The Rusty Shivs are the main pirate fleet that operates in the Pirate Islands.


Almirant > Captains > Decker > War Beasts > Slaves

Public Agenda

The Rusty Shivs aim to profit as much as they gain with the piracy and slave trade market that happens in the Remote Islands .


They were founded by Almirant Tranium "Golden Hook" Anahris himself in the year 122 ABE. He fought in Amled's War Against the Living and, when it ended, decided to go on his own way and created a pirate crew. He then travelled to the Remote Islands, where he drafted the first of his pirates and has been ruling these dangerous waters ever since.

"Nothing like a good n old rusty shiv to kill a man"

Founding Date
Illicit, Pirate Crew
Alternative Names
Sea Rippers; The Merciless
Leader Title
Organization Vehicles


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