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Vandeval (Vândeval)


Around 75% of the inhabitants of this town are Sea Elves, but there are a lot of humans living in this place as well.


Like all cities in the Pirate Islands, this city is ruled by an ellected Mayor. This mayor are allowed to choose some of his closest advisors to run a small council.


This region is defended mostly by mercenaries of The Red Gauntlets, but there are a few guards from the Navy as well. Captain Johnnes Otomba-Mar is leading the officials in this island. He has been doing that for a month

Industry & Trade

The main trade of this town mariculture. The people from this place are specialized in producing oysters and clams destined to be used in the arts of culinary.


Temporary Crocodile Inn; Olana's Shop of Potions and Oddities; Thomas' Forge;

Guilds and Factions

Alamba Orem; The Red GauntletsTeman-Car Aquiculture Guild


This village, like many in the Pirate Islands, is built on the ruins of Crugmar, an old Derrotian Age town. Like all other cities in this region, Crugmar was devastated by Orthanc's armies in the Patricide War and was unhabited until the end of the Derrotian Age. Seven hundred years after it ended, a band of Sea Elves colonizers decided to move to the island and together they estabilished a small village there.    With time, the small village became a big one, housing around ten thousand people before Amled's War Against the Living. When it began, House Gensinh built a headquartes fortress in the town and the The Red Gauntlets joined the Boabaid Family and the Navy in the fight against the Arch-Demon Entrenius and his hordes of Void Monsters.   When the war ended, House Gensinh did not deactivate this particular headquarters. The commerce between Heim and Rockvar was flourishing and Rockvar needed to secure passage through the now called Pirate Islands. Therefore, a small garrison from The Red Gauntlets stayed in the village. They are still there till this day and aid Mayor Craven Phonius to run the city. They also provide job opportunities to the local adventurers and mercenaries.

Points of interest

Gensinh Headquarters in the Pirate Islands; Monastery Sakul Akotib; Mariculture Guild Building ;


This town, as in almost all of Pirate Islands, have stilt houses surrounding the island, while the buildings in the island are constructed of brick walls and straw roofs.


The island this city resides in is a 2 km wide circular island.
Founding Date
986 BBE
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