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The Magical Sea (De Médical Sí)


The Magical Sea is located in the tropical region of Lindrinor. This place contains lots of different sizes and shapes islands and archipelagoes (such as Banokza Island and the Central Islands).


Coral Reefs compose the main ecosystem in this sea. However, plenty of life can also be found surviving in the open waters and in the deepest cravaces.

Localized Phenomena

The Magical Sea is bursting with Arcana energy since The Disgraced Battle. Furthermore, these waters are cursed with The Drowning Curse.

Fauna & Flora

The organisms that dwell in these waters range from regular animals (such as fishes, crustaceans, molluscs) and algae to magical creatures (such as dragons, mermaids and dryads). Furthermore, plenty of sapient creatures (such as Osthions, CharcaronsKraak-Taks) and many Void Monsters that remained from Amled's War Against the Living also live in this region.


These waters were not populated until 15.000 BBE, when the then Emperor Gontruel Lor-Akar decided to colonize the region and harvest its tropical riches. Nearly 11.000 years later, The Patricide War erupted and this region was the first one attacked by the endless hordes of The Patricide. They ravaged and destroyed everything and everyone along their path, leaving no elf alive. After that, the region became uninhabited until a re-colonization began nearly 3000 years later.


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