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"Otherwhere is a TERRIFYING sight to behold! I mean, it's a city on treads! What can you even say!"


Otherwhere's demographic is, pretty much, outcasts. Lots of abandoned kids grew up in the Traction City, outcast from families. Hell, Captain Goldbrook himself is a deserter to his old clan, when they sought to simply rip into everything. Otherwhere is a city of those who are alone, trying to find a place with those who are also alone.


Otherwhere is divided up into three levels: the Undercarriage, the Mids, and the Helm.   While Captain Zeg is in charge overall, his pilots are seen as public keepers of peace, and they keep each level up and running, from the engines to their own "neighborhoods".


Otherwhere was initially outfitted with Technomantic weaponry on all outer walls, as well as a main Acretic cannon. All of those weapons have since been dismantled and scrapped, replaced with weapons the average humanoid can operate with ease.


Otherwhere trades in gadgets. There's a fine team of inventors - some even descendants of Halruaan soldiers - that repurpose old technomantic devices into new creations that Otherwhere sells to the rest of Nobliya. They're responsible for the rise in technomantic inventions across the east side of the country.


As mentioned before, Otherwhere is a Traction City - the only one left behind in Nobliya after Halruaa's botched attempt to invade the country in 457 AGB.   Now what a Traction City is, is an unusually, unreasonably large vehicle with enough space, inner workings, and population to be called a "city". The only major difference between Otherwhere and, say, Estellarum, is that the city can relocate whenever it wants, and that it has engines to power that relocation.


Otherwhere's assets are in its fuel source, rumored to be a powerful magical artifact that keeps the engines running. Beyond that, they've amassed a rather large treasury that lets them keep the city up and running despite being in existence for nearly three hundred years.

Guilds and Factions

There's only one guild that keeps Otherwhere running, and that's Zegariah's guild. A team of fearless Traction pilots, rebels that helped seize the Traction City way back in 489. They keep the gears spinning and the city moving, for now and always.


Otherwhere began as Base OTR-WR-7, a mobile base built by the Halruaan government as part of an invasion force against Nobliya in 467 AGB. OTR-WR-7 was the jewel of the OTR fleet, equipped with the best of its weaponry and technomantic devices. Within its commanding officers was Captain Bane, the rather manic head of the Halruaan Invasion Force. Second in command to him was Equity Goldbrook (Captain Zegariah's grandmother). Equity was the favored commanding officer aboard WR-7, and most of the pilots and crew listened to her plans moreso than Bane's.   One day, the base came upon a tiny town on the edge of the Westrange mountains. According to rapid research, the town was determined to be Stagbell, a quiet rice-farm town that would have been an easy prey. Bane wanted that town, he was crazy¬†about that town, and when asked he said it was about the destruction. He wanted the town to burn.   Equity did not.   On the day of attack, Equity is said to have staged a grand mutiny against Captain Bane. They threw him out the garbage chute and Equity was named captain. She steered WR-7 out of the way of any and all towns she came across, and she grew old in those years, until she found a plain. A place where there was nothing, and that meant everything to her. With the remaining pilots by her side, Captain Equity gave her last order - to keep WR-7 in the Pegasus Plains, where it can't hurt anyone.   Over time, the base's weaponry was dismantled, its Halruaan tech repurposed, and its name changed. Otherwhere¬†was officially recognized in 489 AGB


The biggest attraction of Otherwhere is exactly what it is. A Traction City, a relic of a bygone era of Technomantic vehicles, the likes of which have been outmatched by Halruaan airships, now. The city is teeming with marvels of the era, such as the artifact that powers the engines, the engines themselves, the treadwork, even the impressive transport system by way of pods and elevators.


The architecture of Otherwhere is difficult to point out. The city's original hardware is Halruaan in nature - Halruaan architecture being a blend of Gnomish styles with futuristic architecture of an... unknown origin.   Then beyond that, the city has undergone some massive additions to keep up with the times. There's different districts within the structure that mirror different eras, different races, even other countries. It's such a strange melting-pot of architecture.


Otherwhere roams the Pegasus Plains, a large section of grassland southeast of the Westrange Mountains. The internal terrain of Otherwhere is entirely artificial - metal and some stonework, as well as rubber and such.

Founding Date
City was officially recognized in 489 AGB
Alternative Name(s)
The Traction City
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Estel Empire

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