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Thor's Grounds

"The town in the tunnel, Thor's Grounds. Most come seeking the bounty of the earth, and those that seek such things are usually of the smaller variety."


Thor's Grounds is a majority dwarf city, with the second majority being gnomes, followed closely by halflings. The short folk vibe with this place.


Thor's Grounds is sort of run by the Thursdeign Mining Guild, they manage the town as well as the mine below it.


Thor's Grounds benefits from being in a very defensible position. It's in a goddamn hole. Which means, you can't charge its borders because you'll just fall in.


Thor's Grounds is a mining town. It's all gems and metals and rocks. The people of Thor's Grounds also produce artisanal stone and metal products, as well as jewelry.


The buildings in Thor's Grounds are all built into the side of the tunnel, and strong metal-and-rope bridges crisscross and connect the buildings together.


Thor's Grounds has a large amount of dwarven-made weaponry and mining tools, as well as a surprising stash of "clusterbomb" crystal explosives. Their valuables consist mainly of the precious gems and metals that they mine out of the ground.

Guilds and Factions

Jade Guild - Jeweler's guild that ran the town in its early days.   Masons - Stonemason's guild that previously ran Thor's Grounds. They're seen as the sort of lowest-ranked guild in the town nowadays.   Thursdeign - General mining guild, current runners of the town. Often the public face of the town during important national affairs.


Thor's Grounds was first settled by the mountain dwarvesas they began to interact with the surface folk. It was built inside the leftover tunnel of a huge, ancient wurm.   In its short 400 or so years, Thor's Grounds has changed hands a couple of times. For a while, the Jeweler's Guild ran the town. Then it was the Masons. Now' the Thursdeign Mining Guild makes the decisions.


The only real tourist attraction at Thor's Grounds is the massive forge in the deepest part of the tunnel. But that, unfortunately, is entirely off limits to the public. Only the Thursdeign Mining Guild (and their explicit guests) are allowed down there. Rumor has it that it also has an entrance into the Deepstone - the mythical underground civilization with strange magic at every corner.


The style of architecture at Thor's Grounds is entirely dwarven. A lot of it, especially in the deeper levels, is Protodwarven style, which is essentially an ancient ancestral mix of Mountain, Hill, and Deep Dwarf styles.


Thor's Grounds is built around the foothills of the southwestern Westrange Mountains, into a massive tunnel left behind by some kind of ancient wurm that was likely around during Great Bones' reign.

Natural Resources

Thor's Grounds is ripe with stone, precious metals and gemstones.

Founding Date
364 AGB
Alternative Name(s)
The Tunnel City, Dwarf Capitol
Large town
Location under
Marleen Pickbreaker
Owning Organization
Thursdeign Mining Guild

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